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Panasonic to reveal the world’s Thinnest, a 20-inch 4K tablet at IFA in Berlin

IFA 2013 is few days away and we can say that IFA is just nearby the place i.e. September 6th. As the days of IFA approaching more and more companies starting revealing their products in order to show their presence.

 Now companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC are expected to reveal their latest products. In Samsung case device will be Galaxy Note 3, Sony revealing device will be “Sony Honami”. Both devices are expected will be launched on September 4th and most likely will be showcased at IFA 2013. These two devices are not the only impressive devices at IFA but surely we will see some more exciting products from other companies.  

According to recent leak, Panasonic is also planning to reveal a new devices, although so far Panasonic hasn’t had much success in smartphones industry, and no one even outside Asia know them. Recently Panasonic revealed a major Demonstrations for IFA, and now I will discuss this major revealing product.

Panasonic has just revealed on their website that they are going to launch world thinnest 20 inch tablet. Japanese manufacturer are sure that they have made world slimmest 4K tab. This 4K tab will have (3840 pixels × 2160 lines) OLED screen display, which is something unique in its kind.    

Now rumors start swirling that whether this product will be launched on IFA or just company decided to show prototype planned to display case the technology. If device will be available for sale then surely device sounds fascinating, at least for now.

 As far as revealing of product is concern, Panasonic will reveal its device on press conference on September 4th, while device will be showcased at booth of Panasonic till the end of IFA 2013.

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