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Samsung ATIV Book 7 Review

The Samsung Ativ Book 7 is one of the best Notebook in terms of its high resolution touch screen display and also battery life of device is fabulous. The main problem of this device is its unreliable Wi-Fi performance. Overall device performs well in bench mark tests. Ative 7 is good in terms of its high resolution touch screen and great battery life.
Experts suggests that if you want to test a device the best way to judge is its benchmark test, Benchmarks are supposed to be the best way to check the Notebook ability with applications. Aesthetics are also important to consider because when you buy a device most likely you have to spend next several years glaring at that device. On that part Samsung Ative Book 7 is quite fine machine and buyer will please to use this device.
Wait a sec although machine is pretty fine but it should feel decent in your hands, unless customers depends on notation software, in that case you have no other way to use device. On this mark, I think this device is key dissatisfaction. 
Samsung Ativ 7 is attractive plenty to stare at, but actually for touch typist it can’t be so easy to handle. Device has beautiful scrubbed-aluminum surface, if you have a metal wristband on your hand, you should take it off, before using the device because on contact noise produce is like one metal pickles the other. Confidence on unified graphics ruined the Ativ Book 7's gaming performance. The device has one USB 3.0 port and two others are USB 2.0 ports.


The device is featuring a high resolution display of 1920 x 1080 pixels having ten touch points, seems like device is permit for using Windows 8. But device having a 13.3 inch display device can lessen text difficult to perform missing variation font sizes, on the other hand if you connect your device to an HD TV you will find remarkable results on both gaming and movies. Even movies with precise dimness you will get wholly nocturnal settings.    


Features of Samsung Ativ 7 are given in the table below 
Ativ Book 7’s
Operating system
Windows 8
Display size
4.5-inch clickpad ( doesn’t have discrete mouse buttons)( very even, missing any quality at all)
third-generation Intel Core i5-3337U
solid-state drive
128 GB
720 pixels 
USB Ports
1 USB 3.0 port,  2 (USB 2.0 port)
3.5 pounds

Benchmark test:

The Ativ 7 provided a notebook world bench 8.1 mark of 298, this result is three times better than Asus vivoBook(S55OCA) for details see the chart below. In PC mark efficiency device gained (4112) while in storage device gained (4727).  These benchmarks hit out its rivalry to the limit.  As I mentioned above device provision on combined graphics ruined its gaming performance, but we should keep in mind this device is not made for gaming purpose. Battery life of device is exceptionally well and provide a battery timing up to 6 hours.  


Device is comparatively fast notebook, no doubt device is quite beautiful and customers will like to have this device, but if you face same kind of problems like Wi-Fi delays and can’t typing accurately because of its ultra-shallow keyboard then certainly you will not going to like it. On good note device has a very good high resolution touch screen display and excellent battery life. 
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