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Samsung ATIV Q a compatible laptop that runs Android and windows 8 concurrently

Samsung ATIV Q is unique in its kind because it belongs to laptop family that can run on both Windows and Android. Although it’s not the first laptop of its kind but the main reason of its uniqueness is its commercial success.   
We must say that now a day’s people love all devices from Korean company and it seems true that in anything which Samsung has hand turns to gold. Because in last few years almost every gadget from Samsung receives good response from customers and also from gadget experts, same is  the case with Android- windows laptop from Samsung, though its early to claim anything about success of ATIV Q but so far response shows that this device will also be hit from Samsung.    
The manufacturing of ATIV Q is unique and device has many modes of operation. Users can lay the screen flat then device can be used as tablet.  Now if users pull its screen up and tilt it towards their self then device becomes laptop, and if we pull the screen up a and away from us then ATIV Q looks like a smart TV. On the whole device has different modes of operation and users can use device as a tablet pc, laptop and also as a smart TV.


Complete specs of ATIV Q are in the table below. lets take a look on these specs 
Samsung ATIV Q Details
13.3 inches with resolution (3200x1800 approx. 275ppi)
327x217.8x13.9 mm
Intel core i5
Intel HD graphics 4400
Operating system
Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2
Up to 9 hours  
1.29 KG
As I mentioned device can be used for both Android OS and for Windows 8. Now if user is using windows OS he has to click specific tile in order to change transmission from windows 8 to Android 4.2.2. On the other hand if user is in Android mode then user has to click the physical button for changing of transmission.  

Now a question must arise in our mind that why this device is better than all other windows-Android laptops, well answer lies in the fact that users can change transmission less than a second and it is almost smooth. Also if users wanted to pin Android apps to Windows transmission they can do it without any trouble and can launch from different transmission. Suppose you pin an app of Android on windows transmission you can run app from different environment in less than a second.  


Price of device is always a concern for man buyers and usually after specs buyers consider the price of device. We all wanted to buy new high end gadgets on pocket friendly price and this device is available at a price tag of $2000. Though price is a bit high but gadget deserves this price tag and ATIV Q is offering much at this price tag.
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