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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z Ultra VS HTC One Max: 5 Things to Know

Few days ago Sony took the shade down from the flagship phablet new Sony Xperia Z Ultra. A giant screen phablet smartphone that will be hit shelves in coming days and this device will not only be a strong rival of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but also of HTC One Max as well.  No doubt this device is a fascinating phablet and one that clients likely have their appreciation on this device. Here, I will take a look on all important aspects that are important to know about this conflict among these above mention devices. 
In a passage after Sony Xperia Z launch Sony decided to unveiled the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra, a device which is prepared as a competitor for not only the phablets of today, but also for phablets of tomorrow. Rumors suggests that Sony is not the only company interested in manufacturing phablets, other big names like Samsung and HTC are both greatly whispered to be bringing a giant screen model of their flagship devices. Samsung rumored device is Galaxy Note 3 while in HTC case rumored device is HTC One MAX or HTC T6. 
Those customers who are looking to buy a phablet device should wait for a month or so because both Samsung and HTC devices are expected to be launched in September, while Sony Xperia Z Ultra will also be available. So customers have a clear picture to buy a device and Sony and Samsung devices are not the ultimately device of fall on the shopping lists.
Now I will discuss five important things to know about upcoming battle between Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max.  

Possible release for all three devices is September Releases

Most important thing to know is release date of both Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One Max is yet to be announced. Few months back Sony did this with Xperia Z, neglected the definite release date for the device. Rumors suggests that release of the above two mention devices is tag with a release in third quarter and most probably this day will be in September.    
On the other hand Galaxy Note 3 is alleged for September 4th release and those who are looking for a Phablet device will want to wait and see what kind of phablets are coming to hit shelves, which worth that it may not be packed down to tables by considerable.

U.S. Launch carriers: 

There are likely plenty of people in United States interested in Sony devices on contract but on launch of Sony Xperia Z, Sony did a mistake and they didn’t launch device on a certain carrier. Later AT&T revealed device but by then, curiosity waned.
Optimistically, Sony well-read from its example and must have at least one U.S. carrier for its Xperia Z Ultra. But for sure there is no guarantee whether Sony will change its policy or not. It’s quite possible US Carriers wouldn’t show any interest, particularly with the Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max apparently on the way.
As far as the Galaxy Note 3 is concerned device will almost for sure be offered on a mass of carriers. While in HTC One Max case device is expected to hit shelves of AT&T and Verizon. clealrly two big carriers of United State.

Design Difference:

Design is probably one of key feature of device and customers looking for a plastic design would prefer Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Overall Sony Xperia Z Ultra has a nicer aspect of design, because design of Sony Xperia Z will be copied from flagship Xperia Z that has capability of both dust and water resistant and probably buyers can expect same from Xperia Z Ultra.  
Companies like Samsung are also interested to build a design like Xperia Z and fresh example of this type of design is Samsung S4 Active. But this doesn’t suggests that Samsung will offer same design in Note 3, in fact Note 3 is expected to feature a design like Samsung Galaxy S4.
On the other hand HTC is expected to feature a same metal design like HTC One i.e. we can expect device with stereo speakers on front side while on top back side a rear camera will be fixed.

Display size difference:

Display quality of all three devices device is same and all devices are expected to have a full HD1080 Pixels display. While difference is in screen sizes, Sony Xperia Z Ultra will come with giant screen of 6.4 inches, so overall Sony device is larger than Note 3 and One Max.
Last year’s Note 2 was of 5.5 inches while it seems like this year’s Note 3 device will be in rage of 5.7 inches to 6 inches, and most probably it will be of 5.7 inches. On the other hand HTC One Max is expected to have a display of 5.9 inches.  
For gaming and web browsing buyer might consider Sony Xperia Z Ultra, because of its largest display amongst the trio.

Big difference in Software

Samsung devices are packed with Stylus while in Sony case buyers have to buy one for their own, because Sony devices won’t come bundled with one. After purchasing there aren’t any apps related to stylus.  
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come bundled with an S pen stylus, Samsung’s Note devices have unique S pen stylus and apps on board are related to S pen, so users can take advantage of this stylus. In HTC One Max we are not sure whether device is coming with stylus or not? It’s still in dark.
So over all Samsung device has edge over Stylus S pen and also on features and those who are looking for a phablet device Note 3 will be their first choice of buying.     

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