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Samsung Note 3 vs iphone 5S: 6 Things To Know

In few upcoming weeks, customers can have two big smartphones in their hand in the form of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple iPhone 5S. Those customers who are keen to buy a new device in coming days should wait for both devices and probably their eyes will be on these above mention devices. Today I will discuss all those important things that in my view are important to know for all gadget geeks about the approaching rivalry among these devices.    

Once second half started rumours start swirling about the successor of these devices, Apple rumoured device was iPhone 5S a device that will be successor of Apple first 4G LTE device. On the other hand Samsung rumoured device in Note 3, a device that will be successor of flagship Note 2.   
Both above mention devices are high end devices with high end specs and probably they will be replaced in next month and most likely will have a number of upgrades. These devices most likely will be launch in first half of September, in case of Note 3 reveal date is 4th September ahead of IFA 2013, Apple iPhone 5S rumored release date is 10th September.  

Let’s start a bit about the upcoming rivalry about these devices, although nothing is confirmed yet before launch of devices, it’s time to take a look on five important things that are important to know for customers of iPhone 5S and Note 3.  

Launch Date:

Launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is almost revealed and earlier Samsung also sends media invitations of September 4th. Most likely this launching event will be of Note 3.  Samsung second big smartphone of this year will be launched ahead of IFA 2013 on September 4th. This means after a week Samsung Note 3 will be revealed and in few weeks Note 3 fans will have this device on their hands.  

This event of launching expected to be outshine by the launching event of iPhone 5S on September 10th.  Although Apple hasn't sent invitation yet but still launch date is almost sure. Surely this must be good news for all gadget geeks that in a short span of days they will see two flagship devices one after another. First Note 3 and after a week then iPhone 5S will be revealed.


It’s quite simple about sizes of device, Samsung Note 3 is going to lead this contest in terms of size. So far rumours about Note 3 display suggest that device will have a 5.7 inch display in size. On the other hand iPhone 5S will have a 4 inch display just like its predecessor. So Note 3 will have a difference of 1.7 inch and its display will be larger.    

There is chance that Note 3 might follow Note 2 in terms of display size but chances are low while Apple successor model always follow their predecessor model, so we have no doubts regarding display size of iPhone 5S. Major problem with giant display size of Note 3 is that it’s less far less portable able.  

Now both devices display is made for separate purposes if you are looking for powerful multitasking and gaming machine then you should prefer Samsung flagship Note 3, and if you are looking for an elegant device with high end specs and portable design then iPhone 5S will be your choice.  


As I mention above both device are high end and flagship devices of respective companies then surely both devices will be available on number of carriers.
Last year iPhone 5 was available on T- Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, also available on number of regional carriers. Rumours are swirling that Apple iPhone 5S will also hit shelves of US cellular fifth largest carrier in United States. So we can expect same case with iPhone 5S and most likely it will hit shelves of all above mention carriers and also couple of smaller carriers.
As far as Galaxy Note 2 is concerned it was arrived on all five largest carriers of States and we can expect Note 3 will also have same carriers list. But when it comes to small carriers Note 2 was short of list in this competition, it’s possible that Note 3 might have some other carriers in order to retain its success.    

Memory Options:

If we compare both iPhone 5S and Note 3, both devices are bit different when it comes to memory storage. So far Apple iPhone devices have never come with option of expandable memory, because Apple device don’t have SD card slot. So usually customers have to settle down with an iCloud storage and internal memory. Initially rumours were swirling that Apple might launch iPhone 5S with 128 GB memory storage but so far we don’t have confirmation about this rumours  therefore we shouldn't expect iPhone 5S with 128 GB option. Most likely iPhone 5S will come in usual 16, 32 and 64 GB variant.
On the other hand Note 3 will have same internal storage option like iPhone but customers will have an added advantage of SD card option and they can expand their external memory by picking a memory card.  Just a reminder that Note devices never sold with 32 GB memory option in US. Due to Apps of big sizes buyers will think heavily about the memory options   

Battery Life:

Glad to know for all of us that both companies worked seriously on the battery life. No doubt buyers of both devices will enjoy a fantastic battery life. Certain rumours suggests that iPhone 5S will have a better battery life than its successor.  Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to have a better battery life than Note 2 and will feature stellar battery of 3200 mAH. Note 3 will have Exynos 5 or Snapdragon 800 processor that will also improve its battery keep on power.   


So far we have certain reports regarding camera of these devices. Apple iPhone 5S, is expected to have a fantastic camera that probably will be key feature of this device. Camera will have a dual LED flash of dual colours i.e. of white and yellow colour  this feature will allow device to have a very good captures even in low light. iOS 7 is also offering 120fps option that is unique in its kind and also slow motion video capture option will also help users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is also expected to have a fantastic camera of 13 MP with optical image maintenance option. Both Note devices have ow-sum camera so we can expect same kind of classy camera in Note 3. 
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