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Sony Honami Mini Rumored Specs

Now a days manufacturing mini devices of flagship devices is in trend and mostly all big names like Samsung, Sony and HTC are also following this trend.  Samsung announces S4 mini after the success of flagship S4, HTC also do the same thing they also launch mini version of their flagship HTC One. Unluckily, both mini devices cannot hold a rush of flagship models and both failed to keep success track of their flagship devices.    

According to recent report ideally people like only those mini devices that possess same specs that flagship devices offers. People wanted mini device with same specs and features but packed in smaller body, according to buyers mini devices are probably for those customers who wanted to have flagship device in small design.   
But actually in real, those customers who wanted small size had to settle for not high end specs, but this trend is first time changed by Sony Honami mini codenamed as Ray 3, company decided to launch device with same high end specs like flagship Honami.  

According to recent reports and rumors device is expected to have a 4.3 inch TRILUMINOS display of 720 Pixels and device will be powered by snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz processor. Device will be packed with 16 GB of internal memory while a micro SD card slot is also available in order to enhance capacity. Device will have 2 GB of RAM and 2400 mAh battery. As far as camera is concerned device is expected to feature a 20.7 MP rear facing camera.   

Now a question must arise in your mind whether there is any difference among flagship device and min device? The answer is yes major difference among these devices is screen resolution, flagship device was full HD means featuring 1080 Pixels while mini device is 720 Pixels. Second major difference is in battery size flagship device has 3050 Pixels mAh while mini has only 2400 mAh battery.  

Wait a second device is not officially announced yet and customers can think whether these rumors are true or not? Well these news are leaked by a source who has very good track record in leaking news and rumors, so we can expect that the above mention rumors are true and customers can expect same specs from Honami mini.

Let me know in comments section if the above mention specs are true then would you like to buy a Sony Honami mini? If this device have same specs like flagship model then this device might be game changer in Mini device market.   

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