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Top 5 Android Smartphones for first half of 2013

After we entered in second half of this year, smartphone world is started heating up because of latest rumors of next flagship devices from giant companies. It’s good for those people who are looking to buy an android device and bad for those who wanted to buy a device early. So far in this year we have launches of certain flagship models including one from Samsung and HTC.   
Overall first half of the year is quiet in terms of launches because we see only 3 big launches one from Samsung and other from HTC and last one from Sony. In January Sony revealed its Xperia Z, while in second month HTC introduces its flagship HTC One successor of HTC One X, In third month of this year i.e. march Samsung revealed its Galaxy S4 and no doubt all three devices are on success track and receives appreciation both from customers and gadget experts.

However according to recent reports and rumors three more android smart phones will be launched later this year. HTC will launch larger version of its HTC One and this bigger device will be commonly known as HTC One Max. Samsung certainly will launch Note 3 as a successor of Note 2. Sony is also planning to release a phablet like device will possibly will dare both Note 3 and HTC One Max, this device will be known as Sony Xperia Z Ultra.  
Now for those customers who are willing to buy an Android smartphone in this month, in simple words they don’t want to wait for another month, and wanted to buy device in this month, today I will discuss top five smartphone of 2013 up till now, because it’s usually hard for customers to select one device, will try to help them in choosing one device. Let’s start the list

Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is latest flagship of Samsung and probably is the best device of the year. This device breaks many records and is fastest selling device of the all-time. This device features an eccentric hardware and also Software of device is fantastic, overall device is no doubt best smartphone option in world.
This device will receive updates from Samsung for many years, and probably in coming months price tag of device will fall when Apple will launch its flagship iPhone 5S. For many buyers it surely will be the first choice.

HTC One:

HTC One is the successor of HTC One X and device is famous for its high end specs, elegant design and built in quality, for those who wants a high end device with metallic body, then surely HTC One will be their first choice. Price of device will also drop downs on the arrival of iPhone 5S, in order to attract iPhone buyers.
One important thing to know Verizon has yet to reveal this device and most probably they will launch device on August 15th.      

Nexus 4:

Motorola and Google recently launched Moto X8 and rumors are swirling that this device will have Nexus like price tag but device is slightly costly and is started with a price tag of $199 on contract of 2 years while Nexus 4 is available at a price tag of $299 off- contract. So in my view Nexus 4 is still a better phone than Moto X8 due to its price and specs.
Google announces that Moto X8 will receive updates like Google device direct from Google but for surely its price tag will not be as cheap as Nexus 4.hence we can claim Nexus 4 as one of the best android device available in market and most likely will be best until the arrival of Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

Although Note 2 was launched last year and models like LG G pro launched later but still in my view Note 2 is best large size smartphone that is available in market.  The main reason is Samsung back end services they always update their devices on time and in few weeks Note 2 will get an update when Note 3 will be launched. It would be great if LG supports its LG G Pro more than a year.
While Samsung pays attention towards its devices for many devices, so in my view Note 2 is better than LG G Pro.   

Droid DNA:

This position was a tie for many device because many devices are coming in upcoming weeks but finally Droid DNA got this position because of its all high end specs and full HD display. The main reason of this device in this list is, this device will soon get Sense 5 update and later on Android 4.2 update.
 While price tag of device is lowest of all current high end devices, this device is available at a price tag of $50 on contract. Which is very low price tag for a device with such features.

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