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Top 5 rivals of Apple iPhone 5S

Rumors of iPhone 5S is floating for many weeks, and it’s almost sure that Apple will launch new iPhone this fall, this device will be successor of iPhone 5 and most probably will be named as iPhone 5S. IPhone 5S is expected to come with number of upgraded features, but as expected this device will also face strong rivalry in the form the modern high end devices. 

Like all other companies Apple also launch successor of its flagship device and iPhone 5 was launched in September last year, and now rumors are revolving that successor of iPhone 5 is on its way and is coming with number of improvements. Most probably these features will be improved processor, an updated camera and a finger print scanner is also expected in this iPhone. Just a reminder this model of iPhone will be “S” model so there will be no change in design of device and company will use iPhone 5 design again.

Possible Release date: 

Although release date of this device is not confirmed yet but device most likely will be launched in September. Certain reports and rumors are pointing Apple iPhone 5S release on September 28, as it’s not confirmed yet so we are still in dark regarding release of iPhone 5S.   

Strong Rivals:

Every high end device have to face some strong rivals and if we consider this device as Apple device then probably this device have to face strong competitiveness in form of flagship devices of all high end devices of Android, these manufacturers including Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola. Today I gathered all the possible competitor of Apple iPhone 5S. Let’s take a look on these devices that possibly will challenge iPhone 5S in future.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3:

Samsung Galaxy S4 is this year’s flagship device from Samsung and was revealed in April. This device is one of the high end device available in market and device features a 5 inch full HD 1080 pixels display, android 4.2 with Samsung touch UI, 13 MP camera, a quad core processor and several other features that makes the device a perfect choice for many buyers, not only because of its specs but also its cheaper price tag than Apple iPhone 5S.

Samsung Note 3 is yet to be revealed and is expected at IFA 2013 in September. So far rumored specs of this device are a 5.7 inch full HD 1080 pixels display with 13 MP camera, a quad core processor and also Stylus S pen. This device is expected will come with an improved design.
As I mentioned above this device will be launched in same month when Apple iPhone 5S is expected, so definitely will be a tempting device for many customers.

Google Nexus 5:

Like all other companies, Google also launch successor of its flagship smart phone device, and this year’s successor device is Nexus 5. This device is expected to come in fourth quarter of this year. 

Nexus 5 is expected to come with Android 5.0 and most probably will be the first device having Android 5.0 by default. This crucial reason of this rivalry is low price of Nexus 5 with high end specs and will be a challenging device for Apple iPhone 5S.

Sony Xperia Z ultra:

Sony Xperia Z ultra is no doubt first water and dust resistant high end smartphone of this year and the main reason of this device hit is its unique design that is water resistant. 

Sony Xperia Z ultra comes with 6.2 inch full HD 1080 pixels display with a fast processor and high end camera. The main reason of this device in this list is its water and dust resistant quality and no doubt, this quality allows device to become a feasible competitor against Apple iPhone  5S. 

HTC One:

HTC One is surely the device which restores the position of HTC in smartphone market and this device was launched in April. This device was a solid competitor against Samsung Galaxy S4, and device prove its worth against S4.

This device has all high end specs of S4 but the difference is in its Ultra Pixel camera. No doubt HTC One is able to be a strong competitor against iPhone 5S.

HTC One Max:

This device is also not revealed yet but so far rumors are pointing its launch date in September, so like Note 3 this device is also expected in same month when iPhone 5S is expected.

So far rumored specs of HTC One Max are a 6 inches full HD 1080 Pixels display with a quad core processor and other features are same as HTC One. Stylus like Note series is also expected with this device. Although this device will only be a larger version of HTC One but those who were looking for 6 inch device like HTC One will buy this device with love.
Rumored specs depicts that this device will be a strong rival of iPhone 5S like all above mention devices.   

Let me know what do you think about these devices as a competitor of Apple iPhone 5S?
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