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Which iPhone Model Should You Buy: iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s

For last few weeks iPhone 5S is in rumors and certain reports are claiming that release of iPhone 5S is close enough. Now a question must arise in many people mind that whether they should buy iPhone5 or wait for iPhone 5S.

Now many carriers like AT&T, Verizon and T mobile will be offering upgrade plan soon, and it will allow users to pay extra to get a new phone after every 6 to 12 months, but keep in mind these special plans require additional fees that might be not acceptable for many customers.  

Now you should agree if you are smart phone lover and wanted to buy a new smartphone then you will have to wait for iPhone 5S before buying any new smartphone because it’s obvious that Apple will soon launch an upgraded version of its flagship iPhone 5. So far rumored launch of iPhone 5S is expected in September and probably will hit shelves in 40 to 50 days, I think it isn’t long enough to wait for the most anticipated device of the year. 
Now for those customers who are looking to buy iPhone 5 should wait for iPhone 5S release because new phone will surely reduce the price tag of current model and after iPhone 5S launch buyers will have an open choice, they can even buy the iPhone 5 in the end.

Why iPhone 5S buyers should wait for latest flagship iPhone 5S:

Although Apple iPhone 5S is not official yet, but as I mentioned above, it’s obvious that Apple is currently working on a new iPhone, and surely it will be iPhone 5S instead of iPhone 6. Design wise iPhone 5S will most likely will have design like iPhone 5, but features of latest device will be upgraded from current version.

Latest iPhone will have an upgraded camera, battery life will be improved, finger print reader is also expected, now for sure most iPhone buyers will wait for few weeks in order to make a decision whether they should buy iPhone 5 or upcoming iPhone 5S.

Price will be dropped up to $100

As far as price of iPhone 5 is concerned currently device is available at a price tag of $199 on contract and in few weeks most likely price will be dropped up to $100 and device will be available at a price tag of $99 on contract, so waiting for few weeks will allow buyers to save up to $100 and buyers can spent this price for a cover of device.

But some rumors are swirling and according to them Apple is planning to discontinue iPhone 5 in the favor of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.  If this rumor is true and iPhone 5 have to disappear then most likely it will not disappear over-night and there is very less chance of this case. 
Let me know what do you think about this possibility of disappearance? Apple iPhone 5 will disappear in the favor of iPhone 5S or not?
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