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Why customers shouldn't buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Now

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of best phablet available in market, but now customers of Note 2 should wait for few weeks because successor of Note 2 is coming in few weeks and probably will include some incremented features from Note 2. Those customers who are planning to buy a giant screen smartphone now, would be wise if they wait for a month and then make a decision.

Last year, in August Samsung launched Note 2, a device which was debuted as a highly anticipated device and replaced the original Note. This device include a giant screen and improved design and specs, was first choice for many buyers, reason behind its success was availability on number of carriers, just a reminder original Note was not available on number of carriers but was only available on AT&T and on T- mobile for a short span of time. 
At the moment Note is still very significant because of its continuously declining price tag, and an owsum back end support from Samsung in terms of software updates.  Though Note 2 is still a fantastic but now its successor is coming and mostly buyers will wait for launch of Note 3 before buying the Note 2. I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy Note 2 but I am saying that buyers should wait for Note 3 and other devices before buying Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Now I will discuss why customers should wait for Note 3 and other devices before buying Note 2 right now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Launch date announced:

Few days ago Samsung announced the launch event of Note 3 and earlier this month Samsung referred out invitations of launch event on September 4th and surely this event is of Note 3. This means Samsung Note fans have to wait for only few weeks for the new model of their favorite Note device. 

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Samsung galaxy Note 3 leaked specs:

Samsung Note 3 is in rumors for last few months and some possible features of Note 3 revealed in many reports. Rumored specs of Note 3 is 5.68 inch display with 1080 Pixels full HD display. Processor of Note 3 surely will be fastest up to date and most probably will have snapdragon 800 and Exynos 5 Octa processor, both processors are fastest processor now a days. 
As far as operating system is concerned Note 3 is expected to have Android 4.3 as its OS.  A 13 MP camera sensor is also expected. Rumors are floating that this device will have a giant battery which will improve the battery life of device. Note 2 was spent to many carriers, same is the case is expected with Note 3. 
For sure, in all aspects Note 3 will be a better device than Note 2, and those who are interested in Note 2 should wait for Note 3, If they find Note 3 not interested they can buy Note 2 on low price tag, because price of Note 2 is likely will be dropped down. Note 3 might change their plan and probably after Note 3 release they will have a wide range of choice because in same month HTC One Max and Apple iPhone 5S is expected.

HTC One Max is expected to launch in September and chance of IFA launch is also possible:

If buyers wait for few weeks, then two more anticipated device of the year are also expected to launch in same month. These devices are HTC One Max and Apple flagship iPhone 5S.
HTC One was the one of the device which was considered as a strong rival of Samsung Galaxy S4, and this smartphone proved its worth in the battle of two high end smartphones. In this rivalry both devices were on success track and HTC One was valued by its enthusiasts.  

HTC One Max Rumored Specs:

Now larger version of HTC One is expected to launch in September. This device is named as HTC One Max, a device which is heavily rumored and buyers are keen to know much about this device. So far rumored specs of Note 3 are a high end smartphone with 5.9 inch display and display will be full HD 1080 Pixels, a quad core Snapdragon 800 Processor, Android 4.3 as its operating system. An Ultra pixel 4 MP camera like HTC One.  

A stylus is also expected like Note series, and in this case we can expect some unique features on panel.  So far from looks HTC One seems to be quite capable of rivalry against Note 3. Second reason to hold off Note 2 purchase is HTC One Max.

Apple flagship iPhone 5S is also coming:

In above paragraphs I give two reasons to back off from buying Note 2, now the third reason of back off is Apple flagship iPhone 5S is coming and is expected to launch on 10th September.  Although it’s not a giant screen phablet, but none the less device is expected to have some extra ordinary features.  

Apple flagship iPhone 5S rumors:

Specs of iPhone 5S is in rumors for last few weeks, and so far rumored specs of iPhone 5S are iOS 7 as its operating system, a finger print scanner, better processor then its predecessor iPhone 5. Design will be same as iPhone 5. It will feature Retina Display.

Although it’s not a giant screen smartphone but still is one of big launch of this year and probably the one of the best device of this year. Many customers are waiting for its launch.  Although device is not a potential rival of Note 2 because of its normal screen size but still is an option.
I discussed all aspects that in my view are important to know for Note 2 buyers who are interested to buy Note 2 now, they should wait for few months before hangout months into a new contract.

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