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Xperia Z Ultra Display surpassing Xperia Z Display in all manner

Sony is going to launch its first giant screen phablet on this fall, a gadget with full HD display and a screen size of 6.4 inches will be available in countries separate Japan in coming weeks.  This device has been pictured next to Sony flagship Xperia Z and in front of Xperia Z Ultra Sony flagship device looks undeniably small by means of evaluation.   
Few months back in June Sony stated that they are planning to launch a larger version of their flagship device Sony Xperia Z, a device which is expected to launch this fall and so far rumors are suggesting that device will be released in September.  

Sony Xperia Z Ultra features a number of appealing specifications including its Full HD display of 1080 Pixels, device will be powered by quad core snapdragon 800 processor of 2.2 GHZ. As far as camera is concerned device will have an 8 MP camera. One of specialty of this Sony Xperia Z Ultra is that device is both water and dust resistant, like the flagship device. Device is so well-organized in terms of touch sensitivity that it comes with backing for pencil and styli.       
The device is largest device in smartphone market in terms of its display, device features exact 6.4 inch display and with the help of photos buyers can interpret impartial in what manner device will look like in real life.
In new photos we can see both Xperia devices side by side, and as I mentioned above that by placing Sony Xperia Z with Xperia Z Ultra seems like Xperia Z is quite trivial. Just a reminder that Xperia Z Ultra is expected to be a strong rival of Note 3 and HTC One Max. The expedient claims a 342 pixel compactness which sets high top score for both Note 3 and HTC One Max.  
As far as thickness of device is concerned Xperia Z Ultra is quite thin, as it forms in with a casing that is just 6.5mm thin, so device is also thinner than iPhone 5. No doubt device is still very lean for a phablet.  

Although Sony announced device in June but still we don’t have much news regarding release date or carriers of Sony Xperia Z ultra. So far in US only T-Mobile is expected carrier of this device. Sony Xperia Z Ultra has done FCC with the T-Mobile mobs, but it yet to be clear whether carrier decided to officially support it or not. 
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