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5 Reasons why you should wait for Google Nexus 5

Google just dropped down the price tag of its flagship smartphone Nexus 4 and it’s currently the flagship smartphone of Google. Now device is getting more attention because of its low price tag. Though, as we entered in September, I already mention in my previous posts that this month is full of smartphones and gadget lovers must be very excited to know about latest gadgets and smartphones in this month.

Last year, in October Google launched its flagship Nexus 4, a device that went on to become a key triumph. Key features of Nexus 4 was a 4.7 inch display with 8 MP camera and quad core processor, and also its design was so good that device blew away all other cheap price Android smartphones.  
Device was initially launch with a price tag of $299 without contract, and now its price reduced to $199, As I mention above that major reason of Nexus device success is low price tag and high end features. If you interested in nexus 4, most likely you were looking on its low price tag, and high end features. But wait a second in my view you shouldn't buy a Nexus 4 right now, because successor of Nexus 4 is just around the corner and with a few weeks wait you can get latest Nexus smartphone device.  

Release date is approaching:

Although we are still in dark regarding release of Nexus 5 but we have some guesses regarding release of device. Google has a track record of revealing devices and most probably Nexus 5 release will not be different. Last year Nexus 7 was arrived in July, same is the case with this year new Nexus 7 Google revealed it in last week of July, Nexus 4 was launched in October so we can expect Nexus 5 in October this year, and probably till Nexus 4 price will remain dropped down.


Last year Nexus 4 featured a compact hardware, but for sure Nexus 5 will have a better hardware than its predecessor.  Google looks to keep pace its Nexus devices with latest technology. Possible improvement areas are Camera, processor and also in display area.   

Cheap Price:

Prices of Nexus devices are quite affordable, so we can expect a low price tag of flagship Nexus 5. One of reason behind this low price tag will be Apple iPhone 5C, a device which is expected to have high end features with low price tag and plastic body.  We shouldn't expect price lower than $299, but probably will be quite reasonable and according to its features.   

Better support from Google:

Many buyers are concerned about the back end support from company, but you already know that Nexus 5 is expected to launch with Android 5.0. So definitely, it will get better support from Google and it will last longer.  So far Google has done a great Job in keeping its Nexus devices updated. Nexus 5 will get one year more support than Nexus 4. If in case Nexus 4 fails then Nexus 4 will still be available, you can buy it at any time with same low price tag.     


No doubt 4G LTE probably will be the biggest update in Nexus 5. So far all high end devices of this year have this connectivity, it’s kind of standard in all high end smartphones. Although it’s not confirm but still there are very good chance that Nexus 5 will have 4G LTE on board, because this year’s Nexus 7 also featured 4G LTE. In this case users can use their device with fast data speeds. Now if Nexus 5 feature 4G LTE the probably it will be much more attractive than its predecessor Nexus 4.         

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