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We have lot of rumors when a new device is approaching but when it comes to iPhone nonentity relates the tons of rumors send out before launch of flagship iPhone device. Although last year was pretty domestic, for iPhone but now seems like shine of iPhone is coming with giant screen and fancy colors. This time Apple decided to launch two variants of iPhone, one will be flagship device while other will be a cheaper model.

Rumored name of cheaper iPhone is 5C, and device is expected to launch later this year, but wait sec rumors don’t finish here. 

Release date:

Initially rumors are floating that Apple will launch its devices on WWDC in June, but Apple didn’t do that now there is chance that Apple will hold a press conference in late September, while device will be unveiled in the end of October, or in the first week of November. Few days ago launch rumors were pointing towards a September 10th launch, but now it seems like launch of iPhone will be delayed for a month or so.   

Operating System:

In WWDC Apple launched its iOS 7, no doubt this was the first immense design stir for iOS since its inauguration in 2007. Though we can’t say something before its usage in any hardware device. Important thing that I noticed is its optimistic and flatter screen.  

Give a face-lift Display technology:

Rumors of alternative display of iPhone is swirling for quite some time now but these rumors are pretty negligible. Reason of this change is problems occur in interface due to old technology, and second reason of this change might be shortage that Apple faced few months back. 

Camera sensor:

Apple usually made certain changes when they launch “S” version of iPhone and camera is one of them.  So far latest reports suggests that Apple iPhone 5S will have a latest camera of 13MP and flash of device will also be improved.  Other key feature of this camera will be that it will allow slow motion photography and most likely this camera can best ever at 120 structures per second.

Sapphire screen:

 A new leak was swirling that Apple might encase its iPhone 5S in liquid metal and thus Sapphire screen might be used to cover it. If we consider this leak true, then undoubtedly iPhone 5S will become one of the most durable smartphone available in the market. The reason behind its durability will be Liquid metal because it thought to be double strong than titanium alloy.   

Wireless charging:

At the end of last year, Apple published a patent and that patent was about wireless charging technique. This technique allows people to make a wireless charger for their own. No doubt it sounds cool for those who have bunch of Apple products but according to latest rumors Apple might include NFC in iPhone 5S. 


In my view these details are everything that we know so far, but as I mentioned above that rumors of iPhone will not stop until the release of device and will keep you updated as soon as I get some more news and rumors to discuss about.

Let me know in comments section what features would you like to see in upcoming iPhone 5S?

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