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Android 4.4 KitKat unveiled: Features and release date news and rumours

Google Android is now a days in rumours because recently Google announced a new version of Android that will be called as Android KitKat. This update will be Android 4.4, and Google pegged release of KitKat sometime in future. Most likely this update will replace Android 4.3 i.e. most recent version of Android operating system. Although Android KitKat is still a mystery but today I will try to uncover all those facts about Android KitKat that in my view are important to know for all of us, let’s start a bit.    
Few weeks back, in last week of July Google revealed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, i.e. an update that was revealed with Google Nexus 7, and will be rolled out to other Nexus and non-Nexus devices in coming weeks. Soon after launch of this update rumours start swirling that Google next update will Google K update and before announcement of Android KitKat people thought that this update will be Android Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0. But in few last days whole scenario changed and all were surprised to see that Google announced a completely different update.   

All companies tries to announce one update after another in order to remain in news and to steal spotlight. Few weeks ago Samsung sent out invitation to people for a September fourth release of Galaxy Note 3, and soon after that Apple sent out September 10th invitation for the release event of flagship iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Now recently Google announce something big Android KitKat, a whole new update for Android operating system.  
As I mentioned above that before revealing of Android KitKat, all gadget experts and Android users were expecting Android Key Lime Pie, but Google went in total opposite direction, instead of launching Key Lime Pie they partnered with Nestle to launch an update of Android using name of KitKat, a famous chocolate of Nestle.  
Here are recent news, rumours and some guesses about Android KitKat release date and features.  

KitKat Release Date:

As far as release of Android KitKat is concern, it’s pretty easy to predict because Google has a history of launching updates with hardware devices. Latest update Android 4.3 was launched with new Nexus 7, so we can expect Android KitKat most likely will be announced with the upcoming hardware and so far Nexus 5 is upcoming hardware of Google.

Google, most likely will tie Android KitKat release with its flagship smartphone Nexus 5.  From last two years Nexus devices were launched in fourth quarter of year, so far rumours suggests that Nexus 5 will launch in October with Android KitKat on board.

Android KitKat Features:

Features of Android KitKat is in dark, because it’s recently announced and so far we have very little to go on in terms of specs of this update. Google Android KitKat is expected to focus on small piece of hardware and this update probably will be able to run on small type of technology including smart watches and other gaming consoles.    

This update certainly will not require devices with high end specs, and users can use this update on mid- range products also, because Google it-self announce that they wanted Android KitKat available to every body, so probably it will only happens when update doesn't require high end specs. For those users who don’t want to buy a high end device but wanted a great Software involvement, then for all those people Android KitKat is for you. Users can use this update in watches and other consoles.

But we should keep in mind that Android KitKat won’t be a massive update over current Android OS, like Apple iOS 7, which is going to be a massive update for current iOS. Instead of this Google update will be focusing on UI and battery life time, and will have some added features over the current version. 
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