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Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Release Date, Features Rumours

Every company release new version of its products, same is the case with Android. Google release a major update every year, this year Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is expected update of this year.
At I/O last year Google announces several products, major products were Nexus 7 and Android 4.1. Android 4.1 was the successor of Android 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich which was revealed with Galaxy Nexus 3. 
As I mention above that every new update has several features same is the case with Android 4.1, major features of this update was new camera motions, a very fast User Interface and also option of resizing widgets and much other options were included in this update. After launching Google rolled out this update in few weeks and in coming days this update was used as OS in Note 2 and flagship Galaxy S3. 

Now at I/O of this year people were expecting Google will launch new Nexus 7 alongside with Android 5.0. But Google didn't reveal Android 5.0 with Nexus 7 instead they revealed Android 4.3 another update to Jelly Bean
Android 5.0 is commonly known as Key Lime Pie and rumours regarding major update of this year are swirling for relatively certain time now. It’s almost one year that we haven’t seen any major update of Android operating system, but rumours regarding this update is infrequent, and it’s too early to say that Nexus 5 will have Android 5.0 as its OS on board.    

Today I will discuss all those facts and rumours that in my view are important to know for all of us and especially for Android followers about this rumoured Android update i.e... Android 5.0. 

Release Date:

Android 5.0 is completely in dark, and only possible release of Android 5.0 is with Nexus 5 device expected later this year. Most likely will be revealed in October. We have some rumours regarding release of this update lets discuss about it.   
According to recent report Android 5.0 is expected in October alongside with Nexus device. This report was revealed after few days of launch of Android 4.3. So we can expect latest update in fourth quarter of this year.

Google has a tradition of launching devices with software update, last year Nexus 7 was launched with major update while Nexus device appear with minor update, for this year it seems like Google changed its strategy and will reveal major update with Nexus smartphone and minor update is already revealed in the form of Android 4.3 alongside new Nexus 7.  
There is a possibility that Google wanted some more time before launching its major update and second possibility is Google wanted to reveal major update with better line up in order to compete with Apple iOS 7. Both possibilities are yet to be clear and probably will be cleared in coming weeks. 


Frankly in my view think it’s quite early to say something about features of Android 5.0. It seems like Google will reveal its update features at specific time and probably we can have those features in coming days.    

Only features from a reliable source is that Android Key Lime Pie will not require high end devices to run on, it means users can this update on smart gadgets also. This update will not require requirements like Ram, High end processor and other high end features will not be necessarily in Android 5.0. 

Devices expecting Android 5.0 on board:

As I mentioned above that Nexus 5 is expected to launch with Android 5.0. Although so far manufacture of Nexus 5 is not clear whether it’s going to be LG again or Motorola but still device is expected in October. Whatsoever the manufacturer will be but it’s sure that it will have Android 5.0 on board.   
On the other hand android head Sundar Pichai revealed earlier that they have Nexus 10 on board for this year, although specific date is not revealed yet but we can expect this device in November-December.

Nexus 10 is expected after Nexus 5 so definitely will have Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie on board. This device most likely will be rival of iPad 5 which is expected later this year alongside with iPAD mini 2.   
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