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iOS 7 Update : What Users Should Expect

Apple recently announced launch date of iPhone 5S, and they confirmed release of iPhone 5S on September 10th.  For surely this device will be launched alongside iOS 7. Today I will try to cover all those aspects that in my view are important to know for all Apple device users who are expecting Apple iOS 7.  
Few months back, in June Apple announced iOS 7 as a new operating system, they also announced that this iOS will replaced current iOS 6 version. Experts are seeking this update will be a great change in current iOS. Apple also claim that iOS 7 will be completely different not in terms of design but also in features as well. So we can expect that for first time Apple is going to redesign iOS since its start in first iPhone. 

At WWDC Apple showed iOS 7, and give a sleek look of the upcoming update of iOS. Major features of this update are a new Multi-Tasking features that will give users a brand new way, and also a new Air drop feature will be included in this version. A new Notification system is also expected in this version. Siri feature will be improved and will be available with new features.
Although Apple didn’t announced the release date of iPhone but most probably it will be launched alongside new iPhone, as iPhone launch date is announced so we can expect say day for iOS 7 release. Release of iOS 7 is approaching its time to take a look on iOS features.

iOS 7 for iPhone:

As I mentioned above that launch date of iOS 7 is confirmed but a question must arise when it should be rolled out for other iPhones. Typically Apple releases iOS between launch and release date of iPhone. For iPhone 5S launch date is September 10th and release date is September 20th. So most probably we can expect iOS 7 on other iPhones in somewhere between these days.      

Beta versions of iOS 7 revealed many time but we haven’t seen Gold Master, and this version is yet to be revealed, and news are swirling that Apple shipped iPhone 5S before launch of device, it means iPhone 5S certainly have iOS 7 final version on board.

Installation problems:

Like every update user have to face installation problems, although these issues will not be on all iPhone and iPad users but still many number of people surely will face problems in installing iOS 7 or after installing on their devices.
Like in iOS 6 people faces many problems and one of the problem is Apple’s servers crush due to heavy traffic. Same problem occur when people tried iOS 5 installation. If you are interested to install iOS 7 then you should take back up of your device in order to save data, because your device might face problems in installing iOS 7 update, in order to save data during installation you should take back up. 

App Issues:

Apple iPhone and iPad users should expect App issues in iOS 7, although Apple developers are working on apps that will settle with iOS 7, but certainly on release we can’t expect 100 percent perfection and we should make our mind of facing problems with Apps in iOS 7 on release day.     

As I mentioned above that this update is major update of all time in current iOS, so we can expect un-expected behavior of some Apps with new iOS, but still major portion of Apps will work fine with new iOS. One of important fact to know is about your iPhone model, if you are using iPhone older than iPhone 4 then probably you will not get update of iOS 7, because Apple will roll out its iOS 7 update on mobile from IPhone 4 onward.   

iPhone Owners will surely face problems after installation:

For those users, who are used to of current iOS version surely will be extremely confused after installation, because UI of iOS 7 will be different from current UI and most users will face difficulty in understanding new UI, because of the fact they used same UI for years, hence it would be difficult for them to change environment. 
All those users who feels comfortable with iOS 6 will surely feel less relaxed with iOS 7, because of interface change and their habit of seeing same UI for many years. In my view users should take a look on the iOS 7 before installing on their devices, in this way after know how of latest version of iOS they will feel relaxed and happy. 

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