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Apple iPhone 5S Launched: News and Features

A good day for all Apple fans because after so many weeks of rumours and news, Apple finally launched iPhone 5S, one of the most awaited smartphone of the year, along with iPhone 5C. Apple iPhone 5S will replace iPhone 5 from shelves in coming days. The tagline of Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller is that iPhone 5S is most advance thoughtful phone that Apple ever created.

Both iPhone 5S and 5C are the replacement for the current iPhone 5, and Apple also suggests that these two models will be delivered as an option for buyers who wants to buy iPhone 5. IPhone 5S packed with a 4 inch Retina display similar to iPhone 5, as expected design is also similar while a new HD front face camera is added and the rear camera is also improved. Apple launched iPhone 5S in three different colours, although iPhone 5S is not as colourful as of iPhone 5C, but still device packed with a new colour option.   
As far as specs are concerned iPhone 5S launched with a number of upgrades. IPhone 5S will be powered by an A7 64-bit processor chip latest chip from Apple. Although this update will not affect average users, but will be beneficial for power users, for normal users this chip can only enhance the performance.

On launching event Apple claim that iPhone 5S is double faster at CPU tasks and as well as at GPU tasks, which means users definitely will feel a big jump in performance in everyday usage and also gaming performance will be improved.  
One of a new feature of iPhone 5S is CoreMotion API that will allow M7 processor of Apple to measure data constantly for health and fitness apps, even when the user is not using device and iPhone is slumbering.
One of an important feature for the most buyer is the camera of a smartphone because now a days users want smartphone with high end camera option so they can use take snaps of high quality. As far as camera of iPhone 5S is concern, Apple iPhone 5S featured a new camera system that will use a larger sensor with same 5 lens that they used in iPhone 5.      
Camera sensor of iPhone 5S is 15 percent larger than previous version. Due to this increase of camera sensor iPhone will take snaps with better colours and more light, in this way result of camera will be improved and camera will be focusing on larger pixels.
Apple also claims that iOS 7 is built to enhance the performance of camera of iPhone 5S, and also suggests that this camera will have focus level equivalent to DSLR. Users can take multiple shots at 10 fps(means you can take 20 photos in only 2 seconds).
New iPhone 5S also features a new Dual-Led flashlight, that will combine 1,000 different colors to match the environment in which photo is captured. Apple also claims that they included a new slow-motion video feature that will allow users to take 720 Pixels video at 120fps, this will also enhance the quality of video recording.  
One of the key features of iPhone 5S is the fingerprint reader, which officially named as Touch ID, that according to Apple is quite fantastic and will read the fingerprint reading at 500 ppm.  
The fingerprint scanner is embedded in the home button of iPhone 5S, so users don’t have to swipe because when user will touch home button automatically Touch ID will scan the fingerprint.
Complete detail about battery life is in the table below, let’s take a look at these hours.

Battery Usage
Battery Lifelong Hours  
3G Talk Time, Internet usage on WI-FI, Video, LTE browsing
3G Data
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