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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: All You Need To Know

Finally wait is over and we are ready to make our first impression on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a device which was in rumors for last few weeks and Samsung fans are keen to know about single update of Note 3.  Samsung kick off IFA 2013 with Galaxy Note 3, and today I will discuss my first impression about Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  
In simple words Samsung made its Note 3 slimmer and lighter than its predecessor variants and battery life of device is also improved due to its latest processor chip.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a 5.7 inch full HD display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. As expected Samsung also enhanced features of S pen, although design of Note 3 is partially of plastic but it’s still better than last year Note 2.   
In this launch event Samsung also revealed a smart watch that will work Galaxy devices and official name of this smart watch is Galaxy Gear. Device is expected to help Galaxy smart phone users. As I mentioned above that Samsung Note 3 features a new and faster S pen and also LTE is of category 4.  


As far as design is concern device has a very attractive faux leather back cover, Samsung replaced the plastic back cover that they used in early Note models. Although it’s not a metal back cover but still device will be attractive for Samsung buyers. Thickness of Note 3 is 8.3 mm while device weighs about 168 grams.



Samsung Note 3 as expected features a new camera of 13 MP rear camera that can record video of 120 FPS, 2 MP front facing camera is also available for video chat and can record video of 30 FPS.  Popular feature of S4 are also included in Note 3.

S pen: 


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features a new S pen that is quick in its work and due to this Samsung called S pen S pen as key that unlocks the rapidity and also the power of device.  Like S4 users can hover S pen over the Note 3 display to give Air commands. Following are the new features of S pen of Note 3.

1 Action Memo:

This feature will allow its users to write a handwritten note on Note 3, and this handwritten automatically will be converted into a formatted writing.

2 Scrapbook:

This feature will allow Note users to organize the information from various resources, it either may be from Net or from any other resource. This will allow you to collect your content at one palace and on need you can access directly from your device. 

3 Screen Write: 

This feature is quite nearer to snapshot and with the help of this feature user can capture the image of current page of their device. 

4 S Finder:

 This feature will help its users for searching purposes and user can search its own device by putting simply a keyword of that word.

5 Pen Window: 

This application is related to multi-tasking and this depicts Note S pen is not made only for writing notes or some thing else but also can open multiple tabs or apps at once without stopping the current process.  

6 S Finder:

This app is quite interesting and will allow its users to search content of all types in device and if a user even press a number or symbol device will find it for user.

7 Multi-Window:

Samsung is calling its device a smart device with excellent display and have a capability of multi-tasking and also of Multi-Window that will allow users to open an app in two windows simultaneously. Like user can use chat app in two windows and can run two chats concurrently.  

8 Pen Window:

Using S pen user can draw a box that will allow user to see the all apps that they use daily, this feature of Note is Pen window feature.

Multi Vision:


It’s probably one of the best feature in Note 3 for gamers, and due to this feature users can join 3 device sideways by sideways to create a big screen for playing games and watching videos.

Find My Mobile: 

This feature of Note 3 is added for security reason and people often complain that their devices lost or stolen, with the help of this feature users can track down their devices, and if it’s stolen they can prevent thief from resetting Note device.

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