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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrived in Three different Colors

Rumors of Note 3 came to end and finally Samsung revealed successor of Note 2, Samsung is offering Note 3 is 3 different colors. Not only white and black, but this time we can see Note 3 in pink as well. Pink color must be exciting for those people who want a device unique then other or we can say a device a little changed than the usual one. 

Yesterday company revealed Note 3, but as expected this was not the only revealed device company revealed two more other products. One is Galaxy Gear smart watch and other device is Galaxy Note 10.1, a device which is set for 2014 edition tablet.  No doubt star of show was Note 3 and all eyes were on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. In simple we can claim Note 3, a device which is thinner lighter and much more powerful than its predecessor and no doubt Samsung fans will love to have this in their hand. 
Now as far as release of Note 3 is concern, from September 25 device will be out in 149 countries.  While Samsung fans in Japan and US have to wait for October for getting this device. Samsung already mention that device will be sent out in three different colors. Other than usual black and white customers of Note 3 will have a bit of choice of Pink variant also.  

Now a question must arise in mind whether Pink variant will be available on all carriers or not? The answer of this question is yet to be cleared, but usually we see white and black variant is available on carriers worldwide but the different color variant might be available in selected countries. Previous Note devices arrived in pink color but they were available for specific customers. price of Note 3 on carriers is yet to be announced.  

Samsung Note 3 launched with a larger display of 5.7 inches and design of Note 3 is quite lighter and thinner than predecessor, improved features of Note 3 are 13 MP camera sensor with 120 fps and better processor. S pen features are also enhanced while LTE is also advanced. 

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