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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Release Date:what you Need to Know

Samsung launched heavily rumoured Galaxy Note 3 few days ago, and now buyers in United States are keen to know about release date of Note 3 in states. Release date of Note 3 is only few weeks away, and I will try to cover key features about release of Note 3 in States.

After the end of launching event on September 4th all people are waiting for release of date of device in their countries, a bit surprise for US buyer’s to know that Samsung pegged release of Note 3 till October, except Japan and US, other 140 countries will have Note 3 from September 25th.      
Soon after launch of Note 3 carriers confirm details regarding release of device, usually they hold back when a new Note device launches. Samsung confirmed arrival of Note 3 on US top five carriers including Verizon, T-Mobile, US cellular, Sprint and AT&T, although its confirm that device will hit shelves sometime in October but so far specific release date is yet to be announced. Let’s take a look on key features that are important to know for all Note 3 buyers in US and Japan.  

Pre-Order doesn't required:  

Usually on launch of flagship devices, people pre-order devices before buying but this time buyers don’t require to do this exercise again. Reason behind this is Samsung done a great Job to carry on supply line of devices even on launch of Galaxy S4, they fulfil the orders and customers doesn't have to face shortage of device.
This time US carriers are offering Note 3 along-side with Galaxy Gear watch. Customer should expect that Samsung surely will be sending significant supply in US in order to meet the requirement of carriers on release date.  
As I mention above that on release of S4, Samsung fulfils pre-order and yet device remained in stock, so we can expect same case with Note 3 and probably Samsung will assure the availability of Note 3 in order to remain in competition against iPhone 5S.

64 GB Galaxy Note 3:

Buyers probably will be happy to know that Samsung stopped the 16 GB Note variant in the favour of 32 GB and so far all carriers are offering 32 GB Note 3 on same price tag. For those buyers who are expecting 64 GB on same price on release date, have to face disappointment, and in order to enhance memory storage they can only add a 64 GB SD card with 32 GB variant.   

Pink Galaxy Note 3 availability:

On launching event Samsung announced three different colours of Note 3, these colours are white black and Pink. White and black most likely will be available on all carriers while those who are looking for pink variant should start lessening prospects.
After release of Note 3 pink model doesn't pop up anywhere, it’s kind of sign that buyers shouldn't expect Note 3 on all carriers and quite possibility that Samsung might release Note 3 on specific carriers only.  Second chance is that Samsung might delay Note 3 pink colour release in US, so customers in states should make up their mind regarding pink Note 3.   

Deals on release date:

Due to hanging of release of Note 3, buyers certainly will have much more options in the form of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. So far carriers are charging 299$ for the upcoming Note 3, and for sure after release of Note 3 other retailers like Amazon will be selling Note 3 on cheap prices, hence customers looking for Note 3 right now should wait for release of device.

Although I can’t claim how much benefit will get those customers who waits for the release, but certainly they will get benefit for waiting for release of Note 3. 

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