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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 US Release Includes AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular

Samsung revealed its second most aviated smartphone of this year, Note 3 a device which was heavily rumored before its release and people are eager to know about even a single rumor about Note 3.  Now after its release all eyes are on its carriers and according to reports Samsung Note 3 will be headed towards five largest carriers in US. These carriers are AT&T, Verizon, US cellular, T-Mobile and Sprint. Device will hit shelves in October.    
Yesterday Samsung started IFA with Note 3, and they also cleared that Note 3 will be sent out in 140 countries on September 25th.  While US and Japan fans have to wait till October, although specific date is still in dark.  But good news for US fans that they can buy Note 3 from all major carriers in US.  All above 5 carriers offered Note 2 and Galaxy S4 and now Note 3. 

Although Samsung announced Note 3 in October but customers should expect Note 3 to hit shelves sometime in late October.  In past Samsung confirmed its release date and usually they release device earlier than announced, but when comes to carriers they usually stay silent before release of device and then release device unexpectedly.  Last Note device was not offered on small carriers, and it seems like this year Samsung is still not interested to reveal device on small carrier and most likely they will stick to same plan of 5 carriers.    

Samsung improved Note 3 is different areas, especially in design and display. New Note device features a thinner and lighter design while S pen capabilities are also enhanced. Multi-tasking on Note 3 is improved due to its speedy processor. Camera sensor is also improved in Note 3.

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