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Sony VAIO Tap 11: World’s Thinnest Windows 8 Tablet

Sony Vaio tap is in news because Sony claim that it’s the latest windows 8 tablet that is currently the thinnest windows 8 tablet in the world. Now a question must arise in your mind that whether this device is quite worthy entry in tablet line up of Sony. Now doubt Sony Tap 11 is slim and is only 9.9 mm thick.Today I will discuss what good and what bad in this device, let’s start from features of device.


As far as design is concern device features a very good design with round edges and aluminum lining the slides of device. Windows start button is on bottom of display and is physical button rather than a touch sensitive key, while other buttons include power and volume buttons that are on right hand side and user can use them easily.   Ports of device includes a HDMI port and a USB 3.0 port both ports are hidden by a cover that swings the simple design of device.  Micro SD card slot is on top right corner of the rear side of device and it’s not easy to extract SD card from the slot.  


As the name suggests that device features an 11 inch display. Sony Tap 11 features a full HD display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Although it’s not as good as the Apple iPad Retina display but still device gives very good results in playing games and watching movies, because of Sony Triluminos technology. Device crusts a very impressive display that produce well balanced colours and inspiring clarity. Background of device is black but still does not outshine the inclusive collection of colours.   


Sony Tap 11 powered with an 8 MP rear camera, although it’s not very awesome but still it’s enough to take snaps and recording videos. A 0.92 MP front end camera sensor is attached, which is does job of video conferencing but I must say it won’t knock you down.    


Sony made two variants of Tap 11, one variant is powered by Intel core i7 processor with clock speed 1.7 GHz, second variant is i5 processor with clock speed 1.5 GHz. Both models features a same 128 GB solid state drive. As far as RAM is concern both have 4 GB DDR3 RAM for multi-tasking. 


Sony suggests that Sony Tap 11 battery life is five hours, although it is not confirmed until the release of device. 

Magnetic Keyboard:

One of the attracting feature of the Vaio Tap 11 is its magnetic key board, and device connected with keyboard through radio frequency instead of Bluetooth. So it’s clear that user can’t use this keyboard with other tablets. In case of misplace of keyboard user have to come to Sony service center for a replacement. Keyboard can be detached from device but in that case there is danger that keyboard might slip from your hand.

Digitizer Stylus:

Sony Vaio Tap 11 packed with a digitizer stylus, this Stylus is packed with two tips, one will be the soft tip and other will be a hard tip. Soft tip is made in-order to impersonators the pen, paper experience to user while hard one will offers minimal resistance when you use it on device. 

Device don’t have a specific slot for Stylus but there is a plastic holder for user they can attached it on the left side of device, if you attached Stylus then it’s not possible for you to use HDMI and USB slot. But on attachment Stylus is so firmly attached that it looks like part of device.
Let me know what do you think about Sony Vaio tap 11 and would you like to buy Sony Tap 11?

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