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Why customers should wait for Note 3 before buying any phablet?

Finally launch of Galaxy Note 3 is close enough that now people are thinking whether they should buy Note 2 or wait for Note 3. These question must arise in those customers mind who are planning to buy a Note 3. Samsung is going to launch its flagship Note 3 on 4th September at IFA 2013. No doubt Samsung Galaxy Note 2 remained a successful device and customers are really happy to have this device.    

At this time prices of Note 2 are pretty low because launch of successor is very near and most likely people are looking towards the Note 3. Note 2 will soon get update of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Now before buying any large screen phablet all eyes are towards the upcoming Note 3. So far rumors suggests that Note 3 will hit shelves in late September and most probably pre-orders will start from mid of September.  
Today I will discuss why you should wait for Note 3 before buying any phablet, even if at the end you buy Galaxy Note 2 or any other big screen phablet.

Release Date is close:   

After the launch of people are more concerned about the release date of device, according to certain reports device is fastened on 27th September in Taiwan, and probably Taiwan is one of country which are first to receive Galaxy devices. In UK device is expected to release in late September, most probably in last week of September. So far in States officially release date is yet to be revealed but probably this time Samsung will close the gap between reveal and release date.       

Display will be better:

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 probably will have a better display than its predecessor, last year Note 2 featured a 720 Pixels display but this time Note 3 is expected to have a full HD 1080 pixels screen display. Something that is attractive for those who wants device for gaming and watching videos.  

No doubt one of the attracting feature of Note devices is its screen display, which allow users to watch movies and play games on big screen phablet.  Although Note 2 display was good but probably was not full HD display but this time Note 3 will have this feature.


Samsung usually uses the same camera sensor that they already use in their flagship smartphones, same is the case with Note 3 and this time Note 3 is expected to have a camera sensor of Galaxy S4. In past Samsung didn’t pay attention on Note devices camera, but this time it seems like Samsung wanted to power Note 3 camera that is suitable of this new age. It’s almost clear that camera of Note 3 will be better than Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note.

Processor will be improved certainly:

As far as processor is concerned Note 3 is expected to have the latest and fastest Snapdragon 800 chip on board, and some variant will also have Samsung latest Exynos 5 Octa. Last year Note 2 was powered by Exynos 4 Octa processor.  This processor has many features and most important are faster LTE, faster charging and also high performance on Multi-tasking, battery life will also be increased.   
So undoubtedly Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have certain features and capabilities that are not available in other Note devices.

Latest Android OS:

Although OS of Note 3 is still not revealed but most probably TouchWiz of Note 3 will be latest version of Android 4.3, and as always TouchWiz of Note 3 will have some extra ordinary features than pure Android version.   

S Pen will have some added features:

Rumours suggests that Samsung is planning to add some extra ordinary features in new S pen of Note 3, and for sure Note devices are heavily dependent on Note Stylus S pen.  So we can expect that Note 3 probably will have some features that will be astonishing for all of customers.


In my view if you looking to buy a smartphone with giant screen and high end features then you must wait for Note 3 and it’s nearly awkward to acclaim Note 2 at this time. As I mention above, it’s for sure that Note 3 will have improvement not only in hardware but also in Software. If after launch of Note 3 you are not interested in Note 3 then you can buy a cheap price Note 2 at any time. 
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