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Google Android 4.5: What we Know So far

Google next iteration surely will be Android 4.5, Although Android 4.4 is not too old but it's never too early to imagine about the upcoming version of Android OS.  Developers and concept builders already started working on what they can expect from Google in next Software release.

From reports and rumours it's almost confirmed that upcoming version of Android 4.5 will be  named as Licorice (or Lollipop).  Recently a well known concept creators from Pixel Shiftare sharing his vision about the upcoming Android 4.5. Mostly in each new version Google tried to polish the user experience.  Since Android Jelly Bean Google improved the every aspect of Android OS.

So far many users yet to experience the taste of Android 4.4 KitKat, but in few weeks we can expect that companies will roll out Android 4.4 before the Android 4.5.  Next iteration of Android is expected at Google I/O which will be held in May 2014.  

we can't expect Nexus 6 from Samsung or LG before October or November, so for sure next device from Google featuring Android 4.5 will be Tab. Now we have to wait whether upcoming tab device will be Nexus 10 or Nexus 7 LTE successor. Google typically launch new version with new hardware. So let's wait for few more weeks to confirm which device will be featuring Android 4.5. 
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