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Google Red Nexus 5 variant Confirmed:What You Need to know

Few days ago we have plenty of rumours and reports that Google is planning to release multiple colours of its flagship Nexus 5 .We also have news that Google will release new bright red Nexus 5 in February, followed by few other colours   including yellow. We also have a leaked Photo which was likely fake but today we have few more evidence to prove that Google Nexus 5 release is just around the corner.

Recently we have slew of pictures, which gives idea that LG warehouses are getting ready to ship Nexus 5 red variant. Google traditionally released Nexus 5 flagship variant only in black and white colour. Initially Black variant is revealed later joined by white variant for both Nexus 7 and Nexus 4.
Google bumper cases are already been popular, and now from look of things it seems Google Nexus 5 buyers can now have actual phones instead of bumper cases. But still Google is not ready to reveal anything before release.

One thing worth noticing is that Google Nexus 5 have white colours only at the very back and speaker grill, other than black all around. While in leaked images we have seen that colour is extending against sides of device as well. Now either these images are also fake or Google might be changing things a little bit.
All reports are suggesting if Google really want to release Nexus 5 in red then Google should release Nexus 5 in first week of February so that potential buyers can buy this device for Valentine's Day.

If images above are indeed real, we can expect release of Red Nexus 5 any time soon on GPS. Images suggests company is ready to ship devices. All Google followers are keen to know about details regarding Nexus 5 but so far Google officials are not  revealing any details.
As far as price is concern most likely price of this device will remain same .If you wanted to buy red Nexus 5 you should visit GPE site regularly, you can also check out our handson review of Google flagship Nexus 5.  
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