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iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Nexus 6: Early Look at What to Expect

Today i will tale an early look what we can expect from the three upcoming flagship devices from three world’s largest tech Giants. All three devices are most anticipated devices of the year. Apple flagship device for this year will be iPhone 6, While for Samsung flagship device is Galaxy S5, Google recently released Nexus 5, as a successor of Nexus 4, so we can expect Nexus 6 from Google for this year.
As i mentioned above Nexus 5 is released only few months ago but rumors start swirling regarding successor model, and concept builders starts building concept designs. Let's have a look on top three upcoming Smartphone devices for this year and how they  supposedly place in opposition to one another.

Design & Display:

iPhone 6:

In "S" model of iPhone Apple update the device without changing design, next device from Apple with iPhone 6. This device most likely will be having a larger display with a new metal design. Apple changes its design after two year, so we can expect this year device will be having a new design.  Rumours suggests this year device will be having a screen display between 4.7-inches and 5.8-inches to compete with flagship devices from Samsung.  In last few years customers like Smartphone devices with larger display and large display devices are gaining more market share than devices with average display. Rumours suggests iPhone 6 might have a curved display.

Galaxy S5:  

Samsung for last few years using polycarbonate material for design of its flagship devices.  We have rumours that Galaxy S5 might use Uni-body Aluminium chassis, because recently Samsung had a deal with Catcher, which are currently manufacturing uni-body chassis for Apple iPad and MacBook.  Device is expected to have a 5 inch display with 2K screen resolution.

Nexus 6:

Recently we have a concept design of Nexus 6 which suggests device will be having design same like its predecessor and HTC One.  Device is expected will be having a super LCD 3 display of 5.2 inch with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixel. There are rumours that Samsung might be manufacturing Nexus 6 instead of LG. We have to wait for few months to confirm this rumor. In that case we can expect Nexus 6 will be having Full HD AMOLED display.  

Operating system:

IPhone 6 is expected will be having latest iOS, and rumours suggests Apple will be releasing iOS 8 along iPhone 6.  So far we can expect next iOS 8 will be having a new UI and will be able to use the power of 64 bit architecture system.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected will be having latest Android 4.4 on board. For last few months we have reports that Samsung is currently working on its own OS which they named as Tizen. There are fair chances Samsung might be interested to launch two variants of its flagship device, one with Android on board and second device with Tizen.

Google Nexus 6 is expected to have a latest Android version because Google release hardware device with new OS iteration. Initially we have rumours of Android 5.0 but now latest rumours suggests it might be having Android 4.5 which likely will be called as Lollipop or ChromeOS. There are chances Google might merge Android OS with Chrome in order to make an improved OS for their flagship Nexus 6.  


Apple iPhone 6 recently have patent for refocusable camera which is interesting because using this technology users can autofocus their images even after they had taken images. 
Apple also has a deal with Sony for camera sensors of 12 to 13 MP.

On the other hand Samsung is currently focusing on 16 MP camera sensor with ISOCELL technology.  This technology allows users to take good quality snaps even in low light.

Google Nexus 6 camera is not in news because it's too early to predict something for Nexus 6 so early however we have rumours that Google next flagship device will be having a 13 MP rear camera, with a front camera of 2 MP.  


Apple iPhone 6 is expected will be having same 64 bit architecture chips, most likely will be named as A8 processor chips i.e. an improved version of A7 chips.  Most likely Apple will be increasing RAM of this device.
Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected will be having a new 64 bit chip-set with at least 3 GB of RAM. Samsung flagship device will be having Exynos 5 chip in some variants while other variants will be having Snapdragon 805 chips.
Google Nexus 6 is expected also will be having 64 bit chip. According to concept builder Nexus 6 will be having a six core Qualcomm chip-set with 4 GB of RAM.  


All above mentioned devices are key devices for respected companies. With every new iteration tech giants tries to introduce new Camera, Processor  and new design so they may attract users. Above mentioned detail is based on leaks and rumours so far only few things are confirmed about these devices but we have to wait and see how these devices can compete with each other on release. 
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