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Red Nexus 5 hitting Play Store on February 4th

Red Nexus 5 is not new for most of our readers and gadget geeks because red Nexus 5 is in news for last few days, initially we have rumoured image of Nexus 5 which suggests that Google is planning to release the red variant of its flagship Nexus 5, which will be followed by Yellow variant as well.

After first rumoured image we have again a rumoured image of LG Store room which shows LG store rooms have ready stock of red Nexus 5 and they are waiting for Google signal to ship these devices. After leaked images of LG  store it's confirmed that Red Google Nexus 5 is real and we can expect its release very soon.
Today we have a leaked screen shot of Sprint's internal playbook which suggests much anticipated release date of red Nexus 5. According to this screen shot Google will be launching Nexus 5 on February 4th. Although official statement is yet to come from Google officials and nothing is official so far, but this story and leaked snapshot gives idea release of red Nexus 5 is not far away.
This story had many turns because only few days left for official announcement of red Nexus 5 but Google is not ready to reveal anything about the device. Thanks to leak which gives us idea that red Nexus 5 is less than week away and for the first time we can witness a Nexus Smartphone device in third colour other than black and white.

As i mentioned above red is not the only variant Google is preparing we have rumours that Yellow variant of Nexus 5 is also in works and it will follow the release of red Nexus 5. So we can expect yellow variant is also coming very soon. Leaked Screen shot suggests the way how users can connect their devices with Sprint network, device will be sale through Google Play Store.

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