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Rumour: Samsung might launch Galaxy S5 on 23rd February

So far we have plenty of rumours regarding release of flagship Galaxy S5, we already have confirmed news that Samsung Galaxy S5 will be released in April. But Still we don't have any date regarding official announcement of this flagship device.

Everyone is expecting a dedicated event from Samsung in which they will unpack their flagship device of this year. But according to Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, Samsung is not interested in waiting so long, and according to him Samsung will launch Galaxy S5 on 23rd February just a day before the event of Mobile World Congress. Release will start in late April. 

Although Murtazin launch date is not official yet, but still it seems possible because last year launch date prediction of Murtazin was accurate, so we can expect that this time again he might be correct.
 However, Galaxy S5 is not the only device expected on the same day, we have news that Samsung will show off Tizen OS on same day. Now there are two pros and cons that Samsung will face if they release Tizen and Galaxy S5 on same day.

If Samsung release flagship device then for sure limelight will be on flagship one and as a result it will take away limelight from announcement of Tizen OS. Second possibility is if Samsung release both Tizen and Galaxy S5 simultaneously, then there is chance that Samsung will steal the limelight from all other manufacturers, who are interested to show their device on four day MWC event. 

No matter, when Samsung will launch its flagship device, Most probably we can't get our hands on device before mid to late April.  But for those who wanted to know the details regarding launch of device, a February proclamation would be precise up their pathway. Let's consider this rumour as other rumours and as we all know that rumours are not always true. 

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