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Samsung Tizen Smartphone is Delayed Again

Well , again we have a latest news regarding Tizen Smartphone. Initially we have rumors that Samsung will be releasing its Tizen Smartphone on MWC event but it seems Samsung just can’t look like to grasp a crack.

Samsung again delayed the launch of the first commercial Tizen based Smartphone. An official at media Solution Center said its true that they delayed the release of Tizen Smartphone once again, initially we have plan of releasing device in first half of this year in several countries.   

Recently we have report which suggests Samsung unveiled that they will be releasing Tizen Smartphone on Feb 23rd, but now latest rumors suggests Samsung will introduce Galaxy S5 on Feb 23rd instead of Tizen Smartphone.

So far no reason is given why Samsung is delaying release of Tizen Smartphone. Nothing is known which problem is causing these delays. There is only two reasons of this delay either Samsung didn't wanted to share the limelight of its Android flagship device. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 shaping up as one of the most anticipated device ever, that's normal for every flagship Galaxy S Smartphone. Second reason is Samsung might not be able to remove the obstacles that run into building Tizen OS.

So if you are looking for Tizen Smartphone, from look of things it seems its delayed for few more months, or might be delayed for next year.   

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