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Windows 9 Leaks:What We Can Expect

Windows 9 is in rumours and it seems Microsoft isn't ready to let go its prospect for the sake of pleasant long-time users of usual desktop apps in Windows. On the other hand we have screen shots which suggests Microsoft is getting prepared for Windows 9.

Recently a screen shot is leaked by Wzascok,  they suggests that building of Windows 9 is in early stages, they suggested that we can expect next iteration of Windows not before next year.
 Nearly all rumors and reports suggests nothing different from Windows 8.1. Final screen shot suggests that in Windows 9 there will be a new choice to allow Windows Apps to float up on Desktop task-bar. With the help of this users preferring the Desktop instead of Apps will be more suitable.

In current Windows 8 version users have to press the start button to check the Windows Apps running on their machine. If anyone wanted to launch Windows Store apps, they have to exit the desktop and then back to Start Menu.

In current version of Windows users can run Windows Store apps only from Start screen like Mail and calendar apps. Wzascok is well known Microsoft leaker, and in past there predictions regarding Microsoft's plan are accurate, so we can expect same for this time.

These screen shots also back up the leaks and rumours which  gives idea about  Windows 9 purpose. Reports are swirling that Microsoft upcoming OS will be more refined and will be based on Metro Design principles. While next version will also have same Start Screen like in current version.  
In refining for sure Windows will be mixing Desktop and start screen together so users don't feel both as different OS.  Windows 9 is expected will be released in first half of 2015.
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