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Google Nexus 10 2 Release Delayed Again In Favour Of Nexus 8

In last few days we have plenty of rumours regarding launch and manufacturer of Google much anticipated Nexus 10 2. Initially we have rumours that Google might cancel its Nexus Tab line in favour of Google Play Edition devices, Soon after that we have rumours that HTC is going to manufacture Nexus 10 2.
Now once again we have rumours swirling that Google again delayed release of Nexus 10 2 because Google wanted to introduce the elder brother Nexus 8 first which will be released in April. Unnamed source from Google claimed that their company will initially launch Nexus 8 in April and will sell initially nearly 2 million devices.
Now we don't have any clues which company will be manufacturing Nexus 8 tablet. From last two years Nexus 7 is manufactured by Asus. From look of things it seems this time again Asus will be manufacturing partner of Google. However HTC and LG are also other possible candidates. This sudden Shift from 7 to 8 inch is still unknown because Google didn't clear why they are going for 8 inch tab instead of Nexus 7. 

It seems Google wanted to compete with Apple iPad mini because in 7 inch tablets there are lots of model available, Google wanted to change trend of its customer by giving alternative with 8 inch Nexus 8.  Nexus 7 LTE failed to compete with iPad mini, because of its Retina display and slightly bigger screen.
There are rumours that Google might introduce  Nexus 8 as an alternative of Nexus 10 but it doesn't make sense. So far Google roadmap for this year is still in dark because Google is still tight lipped on its release plans.  
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