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Google Nexus 8 launch pegged for April

Google's Nexus 8 is in rumours for last few weeks, and with each passing day it seems we are getting closer to launch date of new tablet in Google Nexus tab line. Recently we have a confirmed news regarding release of Nexus 8. A recent report from Digitimes confirmed the release of Google Nexus 8. According to their Taiwan base source Google will be releasing its new Nexus 8 at the end April.
It's not first time we are hearing rumours regarding launch of  Nexus 8, but for the first time we have launching month of device. Report further suggests that this device will be replacing Nexus 7 LTE. Google wanted to add an 8 inch tablet in its Nexus tab line for those customers who are keen to buy an 8 inch tab instead of  Google Nexus 7.

One reason of switch to larger display tab is Google Nexus 7 LTE was not able to compete with competitors and sales figure of this device was much lower than expected by Google. Google Nexus 7 accumulated  sales of 3 million units and according to our source it's way below than expectations. Source further suggests that sales of 7 to 8 inch tab line have grown as compared to larger display tabs of 10 inch. Smartphone devices with larger display like Galaxy Note 3 are gaining popularity.

As far as manufacturer is concern, In last few days we have rumours that Google and Asus are allegedly working on new Nexus 8. For last two years 7 inch Nexus tab is built by Asus, and most likely Google will again continue its partnership with Asus for manufacturing of Nexus 8. Digitimes suggests that according to their source Google will initially launch with two million shipments unit.

Let's wait for few more days for more news and rumours, let me know what do you think regarding launch of Nexus 8 in April

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