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Google Nexus 8 Launch Pegged For Mid-2014

Rumours of Google Nexus 8 are not new and are swirling for quite some time now, we have many reports suggesting Google will be releasing Nexus 8 alongside Nexus 10 2. Recently an unnamed source also report that Google will be releasing its first 8 inch tab in mid 2014. It's interesting to know that last year in July Google released its flagship Nexus 7 LTE.
Now does this mean Google is not going to produce successor model of Nexus 7. Sales Report of Nexus LTE are not well because of less demand of Nexus 7 LTE as compared to first gen model. One reason of low demand might be price tag of this device because price tag of this device is higher as compared other 7-inch models. There are number of 7 inch tabs currently available in market.

SoC provider:

Recently we have insider news regarding Nexus 8 processor, there are fair chances Google might use Intel's Bay Trail-T platform, on the other hand Qualcomm is also looking to be SoC provider of Nexus 8.


As far as manufacturer is concern initially we have reports that Google and LG will be manufacturing LG Nexus 8 tab, but instead of this Google launched a Nexus version of LG flagship G Pad 8.3, which is currently available in the Play Store for $349. Recently we got report suggesting Asus as R&D partner for Nexus 8, because from last two years Nexus 7 is built by Asus. Further rumours are expected after MWC 2014. 

Why Google required Nexus 8:

Now a question must arise in mind why Google is looking for Nexus 8 when having a 7 inch tab?. Answer is quite simple Nexus 7 LTE was not able to compete with Apple iPad mini, when Google will release Nexus 8, it directly will be compared with Apple iPad mini and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Nexus 10 was announced with a price tag of $399, we can expect 8 inch tab price will undercut both above mentioned tablets in price.
Back in November, for the first time Google occidentally revealed Nexus 8. In above image women holding a device which doesn't appear Nexus 7 LTE or Nexus 10, instead it looks like device in between those sizes having Android 4.4. So most probably this device was Nexus 8. Let's wait for few more reports and rumours to know about exact release date of Nexus 8.
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