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Mobile World Congress 2014 Expectations: what you Need to Know

Mobile World Congress event is just around the corner and just few hours left for the biggest event of gadgets. Today we will take a look what we can expect to see at MWC event.

Highly rumoured device of this event is no doubt Samsung flagship Galaxy S5, and device will be the main highlight of this year event. But wait a second Samsung is not only big player there, but many big players including LG, Nokia, Microsoft and Chinese giant Huawei are also there to hold press events at MWC. In these press events most probably companies will reveal about their new announcements.
First event is scheduled for today, but the major release of Galaxy S5 will be on Monday. Let's take a look below to learn what we can expect at MWC from above mentioned companies.


Everyone is keen to know about launch of Galaxy S5 and no doubt currently Galaxy S5 is most anticipated device of this year. As expected Galaxy S5 is heavily rumoured before official announcement. Specs of upcoming Galaxy S5 are almost known but nothing is confirmed before official announcement.
However Galaxy S5  is not the only device for MWC 2014, we have reports Samsung will launch its Galaxy Tab 4 series Tablets, Second Gen Galaxy Gear is also expected at MWC 2014. Tizen OS is also in rumours for quite some time now but so far nothing is official whether Samsung will reveal Tizen OS at MWC or Not?


LG recently introduced its G Pro 2, and device is official revealed in Korea. There are fair chances LG will be having G Pro 2 for MWC event. Device is launched with a gigantic screen of 1080 pixels display. LG G Pro 2 is powered by Snapdragon 800 processor with 3 GB of RAM. LG L Series mid range Smartphone devices are also expected at this event.


In last few days we have rumors that Nokia might introduce a brand new Lumia Smartphone family at MWC, with luring Lumia 1820. But today we have report Nokia changed its plan of releasing Lumia devices because all companies will be launching Android Smartphones, So that's why Nokia changed its plan. 


From last few weeks Microsoft was in news because recently Microsoft has a new CEO Satya Nadella. We have news that Microsoft will hold press event today. Expectation of this press event is not a new Lumia device instead we have rumours Microsoft will signed with new companies to build their windows Smartphone. Sony is the rumoured company expected to build Windows Smartphone in near future.


We all know Huawei is the largest phone builder of China, but you might be interesting to know that Huawei is also world 3rd largest phone builder. Chinese Giant last year flagship device was Ascend P6, and now we have rumours Huawei will launch three gadgets at this event.
These three gadgets include first Smart watch, a flagship Smartphone and also a tablet. Ascend P7 is expected at MWC 2014, we have to wait for few more hours to confirm this news.

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