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Nexus 10 2 might be cancelled in support of Google Play Edition Devices

Rumours of Nexus 10 2 take a turn because recently a well known leaker tweeted that Google is cancelling Nexus 10 2 in favour of its GPE (Google Play Edition) devices. This tweet was from Russian Blogger Elder Murtazin who has lot of experience is revealing news regarding smartphone and tablet industry. He suggested that "Nexus line by Google is over in 2015". Instead Google is happy to release the popular flagship variants of Samsung, HTC and other Android devices manufacturers. 
The Nexus 10 2 was in rumours for last few months, we have plenty of reports regarding its release, device was expected at the end of last year(first variant was launched in end of 2012).  However, In mid December it was clear that Google is not interested in releasing device before 2014. Plenty of reports swirled in last year regarding Specifications and photos of device.
As far as manufacturer is concern we have reports Google initially planned Asus as manufacturing partner, recently we have news that instead of Asus, Samsung is chosen as builder of Nexus 10 2. Recently from mid of Jan Google Nexus 10 2 ran out of stock from Google Play Store. Removing of device from Play Store in past is indicator that successor model is on the way. So far no words from Google regarding launch or release of Nexus 10 2.
Last month @evleaks was suggesting something different because a month ago @evleaks posted few pictures which shows catalogue list of new device from Google. Which was stated as "Google Asus Nexus 10", giving idea Asus as manufacturer of this device. Device also appeared in catalogue list of British retailer with a price tag of £350 for basic 16 GB variant. 
Let me know in comments section what do you think about dropping out of Google Nexus 10 2?

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