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Samsung Galaxy S5 Premium Variant Will Be Named As Galaxy S5 Prime

From last few days we have details that Samsung will be launching two variants of its upcoming Galaxy S5. One device will be premium variant while the second device will be standard variant.

Rumors Specs of Premium variant are a 5.2 inches display of 2560 x 1440 pixels, while the standard will be having same screen size with 1920 x 1080 pixels. Premium Galaxy S5 is expected few weeks later after launch of Standard variant. Everyone was keen to know what will be the name of Samsung Galaxy S5 standard variant and flagship variant. Now it seems we are able to answer the question.
Recently Spigen cases for upcoming S5 appeared on Amazon, which suggests flagship Galaxy S5 will be named as Galaxy S5 Prime. Spigen is famous for releasing cases of highly rumoured devices  before official launch, they used same tactics for Nexus 5 and now for much anticipated Galaxy S5. It's pretty straight Spigen has listed the cases on Amazon just to create some interest before official launch. They are mentioning their cases are for Galaxy S5 prime straightly.   
Although these photos are a bit suspicious but still it gives idea about Galaxy S4 premium variant name. If Galaxy S5 premium variant will indeed named as S5 Prime, then for sure this device will be having few more specs difference than just 2K Display.

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is just 2 days away. We have to wait for official launch for further details regarding fith gen of flagship Galaxy S5. As i always mention rumors are rumors before official statements, so you should take all these rumors with pinch of salt. Inaccurate listing of cases are not new and companies often use these kind of tactics for publicity.

Let me know in comments section what do you think about Galaxy S5 Prime?

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