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Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 6 Facts What You Need To Know Before Launch

Samsung Galaxy S5 release is just around the corner, because  all reports are pointing Samsung will be releasing Galaxy S5 at MWC 2014.  If anyone is still talking about Galaxy S4,either the person don't know what's going on in Smartphone industry or is living life under the rock.

The upcoming Galaxy S5 is heavily rumoured device, and device is in news for last few months, and with each passing day as launch is getting closer, we  have more news to share about Galaxy S5. So far Samsung didn't unveil when they will launch Galaxy S5 but expected release of Galaxy S5 is at upcoming mobile world congress event 2014 which will be held in Barcelona Spain.
Today we will take a look on top six features what we can expect from heavily rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5. Let's take a look on all these features one by one.

Display Screen:

Samsung for last few years providing best screen display due to high screen resolution and its Super AMOLED display technology.  Initially we have rumors Samsung might be looking for 2K QHD display but soon QHD rumours came to an end because we have benchmark test of Galaxy S5, which suggests device is featuring a 1440 pixels AMOLED display instead of heavily rumoured QHD display. So it's almost confirmed that Samsung will stick to its current AMOLED display technology instead of QHD display.

Exynos 64 bit processor:

Samsung already made it clear that their future flagship devices will be having latest 64 bit chip-set. First device featuring 64 bit chip-set will be Galaxy S5, and rumours suggests Samsung will be introducing Galaxy S5 with two variants, one device will  be having Exynos 6 processor while second variant will be  having Exynos 805 chip-set. Both variants will be having 3GB of RAM.

Operating System: 

It's not difficult to claim that Samsung upcoming Galaxy S5 will be having recently launched Android 4.4 KitKat on board. Samsung is getting ready to start rolling out Android 4.4 update for its last year flagship devices, and rumours swirling Samsung users can expect Android 4.4 in just few days. As i mentioned above in case of Galaxy S5 device will come out with Android KitKat on board.


One of the key feature in success of device is its camera, and last year device featured a 13 MP camera and was appreciated by both customers and gadget experts. All gadget geeks are looking Samsung will be offering a maximum MP Galaxy S5 camera sensor. Recent reports suggest Samsung will be releasing upcoming Galaxy S5 with a 16MP camera to counter the threats of its competitors. So far nothing is confirmed we have to wait for official launch of device.

Giant Battery:

One of key feature everyone is looking in flagship device is battery of device. Powerful devices always required giant battery to meet their requirements, same is the case if Samsung wanted Galaxy S5 with high end Specs then for sure Samsung will be looking to pack device with giant battery to meet device requirements. Rumours suggests Samsung will include a 3000mAh battery to power the device.

Release Date: 

Although Samsung announced an event at 24th Feb, but didn't mention they will unpack Galaxy S5 at this event. In past we have certain rumours that Samsung will be introducing its flagship device in February with a release in March. Now as Samsung itself set an event on 24th rumours of February release are getting stronger and stronger.

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