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Top 5 Features What We Can Expect From Google Nexus 6

Few weeks ago we have reports what we can expect from upcoming Nexus 6, interesting thing is that upcoming device is expected from LG, So in that case we can expect device will be modelled from LG G pro 2, or G3. However we can't claim from which device Nexus 6 will be modelled. On the other hand recently Google send its Motorola Mobility partition to lenovo's crease. This collaboration might help Motorola to enjoy the access of Nexus brand.

Of course,  it's too early to predict anything regarding manufacturer of Nexus 6. Latest Nexus 5 released only few months ago and it would not be possible to claim about final cut of the Nexus 6. One of thing what is sure is that successor Nexus 6 surely will be having improved Specs to compete with its rivals in 2014 including Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6. Today let's take a look on top five featured what we can expect from Nexus 6.

64 Bit Smartphone: 

Recently  Apple launched its flagship iPhone 5S with 64 bit architecture, after few days of its release Samsung also cleared that their flagship devices will be powered by 64 bit architecture chips. In order to compete with Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, the Nexus 6 needs and 64 bit processor to compete with above mentioned devices. 

Slim Design:

Apple iPhone 6 is expected will be having a new design of Liquid metal case. Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected will be having a new metal design instead of plastic. Both manufacturers are keen to wrap their devices in appealing design to attract customers. Both companies wanted thin and light flagship devices and for last few years Apple and Samsung are building much light weight flagship devices. For sure Google will these indicators as cue to build their flagship Nexus 6.

Giant Display:

From last few years devices with giant screens are more popular than devices with small display. Samsung upcoming Galaxy S5 is expected will be having a display of 5.2 inch with 2K screen resolution. On the other hand iPhone 6 is also expected will be having up size display from current  4 inch display.

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The point is simple, devices with larger display are cruising at the moment and in years ahead. As mentioned above both Apple and Samsung are building devices with larger display so we can expect Nexus 6 will be having display larger than current 4.9 inch.  

Android Version:

Google is known for releasing its hardware devices with software update. For the Nexus 6 we have reports that Google will replace Android 4.4 with Android 4.5 Lollipop version. So Nexus 6 will be having latest Android version to compete with Apple iOS 8 and Samsung Android depicted UI.

Price Tag:

One of the key feature is success of every Nexus Smartphone is its price tag, because Nexus devices are much affordable than its competitors. Nexus devices provide high end specs at an affordable price tag.
From look of things Nexus 6 basic model price is expected will be more likely between $300 and $400 (without contract). Price tag defiantly will reflect same appeal like in earlier models of Nexus Smartphones.
As far as release and launch of Nexus 6 is concern at the earliest, Nexus 6 launch is expected in July and release in August 2014. Google will be holding special event for release of its flagship Nexus Smartphone.

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