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8 Reasons why you should wait for Google Nexus 6

Google most anticipated device of this year surely will be Nexus 6, as rumours of this device start swirling nearly six month earlier than its launch. All Nexus Smartphone's are heavily rumoured ahead of their release, and same is the case expected for Nexus 6.
We have few rumours which gives us idea what we can expect from Nexus 6, Thanks to so far reports and rumours, we know few details regarding Google flagship device of this year. Google Nexus 6 might feature 64 bit chip-set, and it's quite possible that Google might use Snapdragon 810 processor with 3 GB of RAM in Nexus 6 . Other Specs include a Full HD 5.2 inch LCD display that will be secluded with Gorilla Glass. A 13 MP rear side camera with 5 MP front facing camera is also expected in this year flagship variant.
Today we take a look on top 8 reasons why you should wait for Google's upcoming Nexus 6. Let's have a look on all of these one by one.


Google Nexus 6 is expected with large display of 5.2 inches and as per earlier rumours device will be having 2K HD display screen resolution. Moreover device, display will be protected with Gorilla Glass.


Google  Nexus 6 is expected will be having latest chip-set, and rumours are swirling that both Qualcomm and Intel are working on 64 bit processors, Intel's 64 bit processor in Moorefiled, while Snapdragon 64 bit processor will be Snapdragon 810. So we have to wait what Google Nexus 6 will be having as processor, either Qualcomm chip or Intel's chip.


RAM is much necessary in order to balance the latest processor powers. Although Apple iPhone 5S featured 64 bit chipset but was criticized was gadget experts because of having low RAM. On the other hand Nexus 6 is expected will be having bigger RAM than its predecessor which featured 2 GB of RAM.

Camera: -

Device having better Camera makes impact on customers hence help device to sell more, and latest Android 4.4.2 is having OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) feature on board. Devices having camera with higher MP certainly will help device to produce better video results and as well as High Quality images. 

Operating system:-

Google typically launch its Nexus hardware devices with new software update, so we can expect Google's upcoming flagship Nexus Smartphone will be having latest Android OS on board. We have to wait to confirm either it will be Android 4.5 LollyPOP or Android 5.0. 

Waterproof and dust proof:-

After release of GS5 with water and dust proof feature it seems, this year nearly all flagship devices will be having this feature on board. Soon after GS5 we have news that Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z2 and LG G3 will also having this feature. There are chances that Google might include this feature on Nexus 6 in order to compete with other Android Smartphone that will be available in market. 

Battery life:-

According to so far leaks Nexus 6 is expected will be having a giant battery of 3000 mAh that will allow its users to device for much longer time on 3G and video playback. Having this battery device 4G Usage time also will be increased. 

Fingerprint sensor:-

Like water and dust proof feature finger print sensor feature is also very famous now a days, After iPhone 5S, Samsung launched GS5 and HTC One successor is also expected with this feature.
 There are many details which are still unknown, like  we don't have any official leak about manufacturer of Nexus 6. So far LG, Motorola and Lenovo are in queue, let's see who will get this opportunity of manufacturing this device. Like Manufacturer we don't have any news regarding release date of device. Most probably launch is expected Google annual I/P event. 
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