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All New HTC One Rumors Round Up: What We Know So Far

HTC flagship variant All new HTC One launch is just around the corner,  this device will be successor model of last year flagship HTC One.  Now all eyes are successor model and everyone is keen to know whether All New HTC One will be able to retain the success that last year device attain.
According to a recent leak accessory device will be having pinholes in its cover, like we have seen faux leather cover of GS5, but we have seen that perforation of GS5 cover is on rear, but for HTC One successor perforations will be on front side of cover.  These holes will be providing dual purposes.
The holes can also shows important information’s from the phone by using its screen. For example, according to @ ‘evleaks’ on twitter the phone can also show the time and weather information’s.

Motorola also have such types of Displays, this is much similar to that Active Display. Without required a smart cover does this on the Moto X through Motorola. The main benefit in the case of Moto X is that, it will display the important information’s to its user’s as it doesn’t required main screen switched ‘ON’. The Moto X didn’t use LCD but it uses AMOLED screen, which means that on the power the pixels are on. The Active Display uses less energy. This means that, on its black background or anything other it uses white text display.
The problem is effect of new smart cover on the battery of All New HTC One, it's yet to be cleared  what will be the effect of smart cover on  the battery life. HTC typically used LCD based display in order to save energy in HTC Phones.
Another main thing is that without the smart cover it contained the lighting and battery, which helps to maintain the battery life. They can communicate easily with each other. By using wireless connection device and cover can correspond with each other easily. 

Now we have to wait for launching event of All new HTC One, and how Taiwanese company  will these feature in their upcoming flagship device.  HTC M8 will also be coming in Google Play Edition. 
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