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Apple CEO secret project most likely iWatch

Apple CEO recently during stockholders' meeting on Friday suggests that they are working on secret project and most probably Apple secret project will be iWatch. By mentioning  secret project most likely Apple CEO didn't wanted to discuss this project openly.

From last few weeks we have plenty of rumours that Apple is currently working on iWatch that most probably will be launched at the iPhone 6 launching event. Apple CEO further suggests that they are working on new products and they wanted to keep these product in high level of secrecy because otherwise they have to face stiff competition from their competitors.
Cook suggested that main difference between Android and Apple is that 82 percent of Apple 800 million devices currently running latest iOS 7 while on the other hand only 4 percent Android devices are powered by Android 4.4 or higher. He also claimed that Apple users sent  several billion text messages using their iMessage service. iMessage is not the only service he added nearly 15 to 20 million FaceTime video chats are daily made by Apple users.  

Couple of announcements from Apple CEO, he also announced that they will announce their plan of purchasing  $60 billion of their shares within 60 days. He also hassled that they wanted Apple should be a long period venture company and told those who wanted quick buck should not invest in their company. 
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