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Apple iPhone 6 Camera Rumours: What You Need To Know

Apple iPhone 6 rumours start swirling again, in last few days all rumours are about Android devices but recently Apple CEO allegedly confirmed Apple iWatchApple remained unchallenged champion in Camera section, but for last few years Apple is facing stiff competition from Samsung in Camera section.
Everyone know that Apple for sure will be trying hard to remain one step up ahead from its competitors and that's why all eyes are on iPhone 6 and we all keen to know what Apple has included in iPhone 6 in camera section. According to unnamed Apple insider source suggests that upcoming iPhone 6 will be having 8 MP camera, although Apple didn't increase mega-pixel but we all know that MP increase doesn't increase image quality.
In this camera Apple will be including a bigger sensor of 1/2.6'' instead of last year 1/3, Aperture size also will be increased and Apple will be using f/2.0 instead of f/2.2. New features like OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) and 6p Sapphire lens is also expected in iPhone 6 camera.     
Source not only mentioned about Camera Specs but also claimed that CMOS sensor will be build by Sony, while other components will be manufactured by LG and SHARP. Now a question must be arise whether this info is accurate or not, in case if this report is true then we can say that iPhone 6 will be shine beyond doubt.

Let me know in comments section what do you think about this Apple  move of staying on same 8MP camera with new improved features to compete with competitors.

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