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Apple iPhone 6 Zero Side Bezel Images: What You Need To Know

Apple will be announcing its upcoming flagship iPhone 6 later this year. As always , it's hot started talking about rumours on various forums. Someone saying that the manufacturing of the bezel-free display could not be indicated  because ,in light of what drop screen may be damaged , while some are talking about its structure such a phone would be downright ugly and strange-looking.
Well, it won't take long time since the above rumours have appeared  and pictures of the phone 6 is showing the front  panel having six ( 6) surfaces. They are trying to prove us the upcoming iPhone will  come with no side-bezel. Now see some pictures of iPhone 6  yourself. The above pictures you are seeing are published on the iPhone forums. Well are they are real or not? Let’s check
The first clue is that the first indication of a possible fake point placement of the home button as shown in above pictures, looks strange. Some would call that this may be manufacturing defect, reason why the panel was disposal. 
Secondly at the page where its pictures are published first now it is not available, now, you will got an ugly 404 error if you are trying to approach its source page. Let us know in comments section what do you think about these rumoured images. Any Thoughts ? 

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