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New HTC One Will Be More Metal, HTC Released Second Teaser Video

As we are approaching towards release of All new HTC One rumours are increasing day by day and now HTC is also teasing its customers by releasing teasers videos.  Few days back after release of Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 HTC launched first teaser video and now once again HTC launched its second teaser video as we are in first week of March.
It seems it's getting harder for companies to keep tight lid on rumours and leaks even Samsung failed to reserve its flagship device from leaks and rumours, but overall this is sad for manufacturers not for us in fact jolly for all of us.

Video Source 
In first teaser video HTC was highlighting about the sound quality of their device, and now in this video slogan of video was "MetalHead". In this video HTC focus was more on unibody  aluminium design of HTC One and they intended that upcoming device chassis will be of more better quality in term of manufacturing.  "New HTC One" is expected on March 23 and its just 3 weeks away to see the flagship model of HTC. So we have to wait for few more days to see what HTC has engineered for all of us in its upcoming flagship New HTC One.

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