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Google Android 4.4.3 Rumours Heating Up

Android 4.4.3 is in news for last few days and reports are heating up and it gives idea that this update is indeed read and is just around the corner and likely on the way. Unfortunately we have rumours regarding Android 4.4.3 but don't have any idea what we can expect in this update from Google, and also when Google is gone a launch this update.

Of course, it wouldn't be a major update because we are going from Android 4.4.2 to next iteration Android 4.4.3.  We should not expect more than bugs fixes and few improvements in features. Earlier this week we have report of Android 4.4.3 with a build number KTU72B, and now latest leak has changed build number KTU8. This build number is once again leaked by Llab TooFer, which shows this is more than a casual rumour.
But on the other hand, it's actually a bug fix, and most likely it won't be having anything major. So far leaks suggests this update likely will be for solving camera issues of Nexus devices specially of Nexus 5 and Moto X. There will be number of bug fixes as well but main focus will be on Camera issues.

Today once again, we don't have any clue what to expect from this update but the way rumours are heating up seems update is ready and there is not much time left for its release. With each passing day rumours are coming faster, so we can expect Google is getting ready to release next update for its Nexus devices, but once again non Nexus users have to wait longer as compared to Nexus users, and difference will be significant.

source: Android Police

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