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Google Announcement of New Platform Heat Up Nexus Smatwatch Rumours

Rumors of Google Smartwatch is not new, and are swirling for quite some time now,  starting of this week Google Android Head Sundar Pichai announced a new platform for wearable devices based on Android.  
As i mentioned above rumours of Nexus Smart-watch are swirling from mid of last  year, initially we have reports Google will be releasing its Nexus Smart-watch with Nexus 5, and recently we have rumours that HTC will be manufacturer of Nexus Smart-watch and devices will be coming later this year, most probably in second half of this year.
So far these all are only reports and rumours but today for the first time Google Android Head announced a brand new platform for Android wearable devices, it gives boost to all those rumours that we are seeing for last few months.  Sundar confirmation gives authentication to news that Google is really working on wearable gadgets.
A recent report from Engadget confirmed that Sundar suggests that Google will be releasing a new developer tools and full SDK for developers so that they can prepare themselves for more wearable devices apps.
Let me clear that wearable gadgets doesn't only includes smart-watches, but it also includes things like fitness bands and Google Glass, and anything what we can imagine in wearable technology.  But first thing which comes to mind is Smart-watch from Google,  which no doubt will be having plenty of excitement as it will be facing Samsung Galaxy Gears and also a gadget with Nexus brand creates hype and thrill.   
Wall Street Journal confirmed Google Smart-watch back in October, and now after few months Sundar's announcement of  new platform heat's up the rumours again.  Google annual I/O event will be held in last week of June, there are fair chances Google might launch its new Nexus Smart-watch at this event.
We have to take these rumours as pinch of salt,  but Google brand new SDK gives pretty much idea about Google's planning for this year, it also shows Google is moving towards wearable technology.  

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