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Google Might Use Intel's Moorefield 64 Bit Processor In Nexus 8

Rumours of 8 inch Nexus tablet are not new at all, Nexus 8 rumours start swirling back in November when mysteriously a new tab appeared on Google site, and since then several reports suggests this device as LG Nexus 8 which is coming soon.

So far Google didn't mention any details regarding  upcoming Nexus 8,  but according to latest report from Androidpit claims that Google Nexus 8 will be having a 64 bit processor, most probably of Google mostly trusted NVIDIA or Qualcomm Snapdragon chip-set.  For sure a good news for those who wanted an 8 inch Nexus tab with 64 bit processor. Release of device is expected in July with a launch in June at Google I/O event.

July release rumours has been swirling for a while now, and we have heard this news from Google insider also, Now a new rumour of 64 bit processor is creating hype because if Nexus 8 will be having 64 bit processor it will become the first Android tablet having 64 bit processor. In this case device will be very powerful device on not only on board but also in processing.  

Recently Intel introduce new processor Moorefield , this processor is quad core processor with a clock speed of 2.33 GHz .  This processor also supports 4G LTE and LTE-A and most importantly it's 64 bit with a fast GPU. This processor allegedly will be hitting market in July, i.e. on same time frame that we have heard for Google upcoming Nexus 8.  
Intel announced that their new processor is running 95% of Android apps with great processing speed, and in past users face difficulties running high end games , but now it seems after Moorefield processor this problem will be solved, as this processor is manufactured for all high end tablets.

This rumour is not from a known source or leaker, so you have to take these rumours with a crumb of salt at the moment.  We have to wait for few more weeks till Google or LG claimed anything regarding Nexus 8.  Most probably as  the Google I/O event approaches rumours of Nexus 8 device will start heating up.

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