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Google Nexus 6 might be Light Weight variant of LG G3

Although in MWC event main focus was on flagship variants, but actually limelight was on Samsung flagship Galaxy S5 variant. But here is good news for Nexus lovers,  Google's Sundar Pichai last week at MWC revealed few things about the upcoming Nexus Smartphone of Google.  He revealed that upcoming Nexus Smartphone will be revealed in second half of this year, it makes sense because latest Nexus 5 Smartphone is not old yet and revealed few months back with high end Specs and attractive design, and device is still new. Although Sundar didn't mention about the name of Google upcoming Nexus Smartphone but safe guess is Google will name their upcoming device as Nexus 6. 
Although few things about Nexus 6 is clear but still question in everyone's mind is who will be manufacturing Google Nexus 6, will it be LG, Lenovo or Motorola. According to latest report from Gizmodo Germany, there is no chances of Lenovo as manufacture of Nexus 6, in that case only LG and Motorola left in race.   

According to Gizmodo Germany according to their source Google next gen flagship Nexus Smartphone will be manufactured by LG. According to this strange source,  Google Nexus 6 will be a lightweight version of LG flagship G3.  LG G3 is expected in June this year, We have few rumours regarding Specs of LG G3, Rumours suggests that LG G3 will be having a 64 bit chipset, display of device will be Quad HD display of 1440 x 2560 pixels. 16 MP Rear camera is also in rumours.
Although we are not sure what they exactly mean by saying a Light Weight variant, but in my view device will be similar in terms of specs but will be different in terms of design. For last two years LG emerged as manufacturer of Nexus 4 and Nexus 5, but Nexus 4 was based on LG Optimus G while last year variant was based on G2, so in that case Nexus 6 as lightweight variant of LG G3 is very much possible. By saying lightweight model of LG G3 also confirms LG as manufacturer of upcoming Nexus 6.    

LG not only will manufacture Nexus 6, but also we have rumours that Google first Smartwatch will be manufactured by LG.  Launching event of Google Smart-watch is expected at I/O this year which will be held in last week of June. We have to wait for few more weeks until Google made Nexus 6 official, but as far as rumours are concern nothing is official until it's official.   

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