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Google Nexus 7 LTE Now Available For Only $49 Through Verizon

A good news for Nexus tablet buyers is that now they can get a tablet device having Verizon 4G LTE for only 49.99$. This device is non other than Google last year flagship 7 inch Nexus tab. On Verizon device arrived at the end, but now we are seeing a sudden price cut on actual price tag of device.

No doubt currently Nexus 7 is the best and cheapest tablet around, and device gain success due to its price tag and high end Specs, but today we are hearing something strange that Verizon is nearly ready to give this device for free, but customers have to sign up for two year contract in order to buy this device.

In case if you are not willing to have two year contract,  you can pay 349$ to buy this device from Google Play Store.  Google announced this device in last June and major improvement in device is LTE support and it supports nearly all major carriers LTE Network. But unfortunately Verizon was the last carrier to support Nexus 7  LTE. But now wait bears fruit and customers can have Nexus 7 for only 49$.

Nexus 7 LTE is more than 9 months old, and most of the buyers are now looking to wait for the successor model of device. We have plenty of rumors swirling regarding Nexus 8 and reports and leaks suggests Nexus 8 as successor model of Nexus 7 LTE. In that case potential customers might wait for this device out.

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