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Google Nexus 8 Release Rumors: July Production And Price

Google Nexus 8 rumours are heating up, because once in a week we have details regarding Nexus 8. So far we have details that Google will be manufacturing an 8.9 inch Nexus Tab which will be released in last quarter of this year.
Today we have news regarding production and price of Nexus 8. According to our source Google intended to start volume production of Nexus 8 in July this year and most likely device will be released in same time when Nexus 10 was expected last year i.e.. last quarter of year. Source further suggests that Nexus 8 will be packed with high end Specs, that's why price tag of Nexus 8 will be over 299$. Although it's volume production but still will be less in contrast to other tablets.

As far as manufacturer is concern, Google Nexus 8 is expected will be manufactured by HTC, In case if this is true then we can say that it's second opportunity for HTC to build a Nexus device under the umbrella of Google.
Although Source allegedly confirmed Nexus 8 production and high end Specs but didn't cleared what kind of high end specs we can expect from Google's upcoming tab. But we can assume what we can expect from Nexus 8, for sure device display will be full HD, A quad core processor with at least 3 GB of RAM.
Recently a report from CNET emerged suggesting Google is also working on successor model of Nexus 7 LTE, and according to their source device is in works, but nothing is official yet. CNET only confirmed about existence of Nexus 7 2014 variant, but didn't claim anything regarding manufacturer of this device.
Let us know in comments section would you like to buy Nexus 8 from Google and HTC.

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